Full Of Admiration For County Clerk Bill Knowles - And Response

  • Tuesday, May 30, 2023
I have so much admiration for County Clerk, Bill Knowles and his staff. I worked in Washington, D.C., and lived in Northern Virginia for 25 years. I came home in 1997 and was fully expecting the same infuriating and incompetent government ineptitude while trying to get my car in line with the laws of Hamilton County and the state of Tennessee.
You can't imagine my delight in working with the wonderful people in the County Clerk's Office. They have been, without exception, kind, pleasant and above all competent in all my dealings.
His office is a model for all government offices throughout Tennessee and, indeed, the nation.

Many thanks from a fan and humble citizen.

Leah M. Geraghty


* * *

As stated, County Clerk Bill Knowles is a true asset to our county. 

He's known for his remarkable efficiency in running his department smoothly and effectively. Transactions are handled swiftly, records are meticulously maintained, and the needs of the community are promptly addressed. Mr. Knowles' ability to keep things running efficiently is truly impressive.

But there's more to Mr. Knowles than just being efficient. He's also incredibly kind. Let me share a personal experience. Recently, I had surgery and only afterwards realized I needed a temporary handicap sticker. I was worried and unsure what to do. Thankfully, Mr. Knowles came to my aid. He quickly and compassionately helped me obtain the sticker I needed, allowing me to easily attend my doctor's appointments and go shopping. His understanding and caring nature made a difficult situation much easier to handle.

I am grateful that he has given so much of his life to serve the people of Hamilton County, and we are very lucky to have him. 

Thank you, Mr. Knowles!

Colleen Kirk 

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