Best Of Grizzard - Porky Again

  • Tuesday, September 26, 2023
  • Jerry Summers

In at least three of Lewis Grizzard’s (L.G.) 25 books written before his untimely death on March 24, 1994, as the result of his medical history pertaining to a defective aortic valve that was first discovered during a high school physical, acknowledges his close relationship with Porky/Petunia.

In “They Tore Out My Heaty and Stomped That Sucker Flat” (1982- Peachtree Publishers), “I Took a Lickin’ and Kept On Tickin’" (1993- Villard Books), and “The Last Bus to Albuquerque” (1994- Longstreet Press) he and a group of friends entertain and regale the fortunate readers he acquired during his short life span (1947-1994).

The publishing of his experience while the recipient of at least two porcine (pig) valves and the professional medical treatment from a multitude of doctors and nurses during his trips to Emory Medical Center in Atlanta, Georgia have been previously discussed in prior articles.

His remarks and tributes to the deceased porkers for keeping him alive are not only funny but also recognize the important contributions of their sacrifices that have saved thousands of lives.

The modern donation of the lives of Porky/Petunia and their relatives in the swine family have been enlarged to the use of their hearts in at least two human transplants.

The receiver of the first pig heart lived only two months and due to the uncertainty of the patient surviving the new innovative procedure, we did not write on the landmark attempted step forward in medical science. (Now available)

In September, it has been announced that a 68-year-old Navy veteran has likewise undergone a pig heart transplant.

For whatever government reason the military man was determined to be ineligible for a regular heart transplant but is surviving thanks to Porky/Petunia and their colleagues.

In one of the prior articles we also discussed the situation of “a recent announcement by the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) that they had convinced the University of Tennessee (U.T.) College of Medicine in the Gig City to immediately stop using live porcines in its surgical and medical training programs.” (Best of Grizzard and PETA vs. Pig Valves?)

With a second human being granted an extension of their life which may lead to eventually saving many lives the wisdom of such decision may be questionable (?)

Both articles can be recovered at Best of Grizzard at the above citation as well as the second one at Best of Grizzard - Pig Valves Again.

Porky/Petunia will be remembered by many for their contributions to medical science and the preservation of life to humans!

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