Alex McVeagh Is One Of The Finest Judges I've Ever Met

  • Friday, February 23, 2024

I’m writing to tell you about my friend Alex.

I first met Alex many years ago, when he was a young lawyer and I was a young assistant public defender. Before I really got to know him, he was appointed to be a General Sessions Court judge. I and many other lawyers were somewhat apprehensive. Who was this new guy who was suddenly handed a gavel?

I’ll tell you who it turned out to be: one of the finest judges I’ve ever met. As he settled into his new position, Alex was humble, kind, and—above all else—brilliant.

I practiced in front of him for years, and I saw firsthand the attention and care with which he approached every single case. Alex has the knowledge, skill, and wisdom to make the hard decisions and make them correctly.

His work ethic is impeccable, and the General Sessions Recovery Court that he labored tirelessly to get off the ground has made an incredible difference in the lives of many, many individuals. As a member of the Recovery Court team, I had the privilege of working closely with Alex and watching him help troubled people conquer their addictions and rebuild their lives. Words cannot adequately describe the difference he has made.

I spent over a decade working in the courts of Hamilton County, and although I now live and work in a neighboring county, I maintain a tremendous amount of respect for the people of Hamilton County and the courts that serve them.

Drawing on that experience, I know Alex McVeagh is an excellent choice for Circuit Court judge. He is a solid Republican, firmly rooted in the principle of judicial restraint and the rejection of judicial activism. I have absolute faith that he would serve Hamilton County well as a Circuit judge, settling disputes firmly and fairly, while applying the law and our Constitution as originally written.

Ted Engel

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