Please Don't

  • Monday, April 15, 2024

“Beyond his manifestly unsuitable temperament, Donald Trump will endanger the world as we know it” (Corey Booker). “For all his bluster, Trump has already shown himself to be an appeaser. Will a President Trump allow Russia to not just gobble up Crimea but eastern Ukraine and the Baltic States?” asked Jonathan Alter in the Daily Beast (7/29/16). He proudly boasted, “Hillary Clinton is right: Donald Trump threatens WWIII.”

In four years none of their fantasy happened. Alter implied Trump allowed Russia to gobble up Crimea when it actually was during the Obama/Biden years that Russia annexed Crimea but didn’t invade Ukraine until Biden became President.

During Trump’s years there was no invasion of Ukraine as predicted, there was no Oct. 7 massacre-Gaza war, hundreds of drones and ballistic missiles were not launched from Iran into Israel and China was not stepping up military pressure on Taiwan as it did in 2023 (NPR 12/18/23). When questioned about his message to Iran threatening to attack Israel director,” Joe said on Friday, April 12, “don’t” (Reuters 4/12/24). Those aviator glasses must not have worked.

This reminds me of 1964 when LBJ ran against Senator Barry Goldwater, R-AZ. Democrats ran an ad of a little girl picking a daisy interrupted by an atomic mushroom cloud exploding with LBJ saying, “these are the stakes” (Daily Beast 7/29/16). My dad said he was told repeatedly if he voted for Goldwater we’d be in war. He said I voted for Goldwater and within a few months we were in war, the
Viet Nam War. This is how Democrats structure a false narrative and nothing has really changed in 60 years.

Joe Biden and his party want your vote in November for four more years. My answer is, think about the last four years and please don’t!

Ralph Miller

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