A Disgrace

  • Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Republicans followed the Constitution, accepting articles for trials submitted by Democrats for two
impeachments of Donald Trump. That can’t be said in the impeachment of a man who took an oath to secure and manage our borders, enforce and administer our immigration laws in coordination with state, local and private sector partners, Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas.

He was charged with “willful and systemic refusal to comply with federal law” and “breach of public trust.” This was about his lack of accountability for an unprecedented disaster at our border occurring since he took office. For three years he said the border was secure but only after hundreds of thousands of newcomers swarmed into large Democrat run cities he changed his tune calling the “border crisis a broken system” (The Hill 2/11/24).

Biden reversed all of Trump’s border policies and now we have reports of 10 million new illegals since 2021. Chuck Schumer did not want that evidence of total border failure laid out before voters in a senate trial. He knows Biden looks like Tim Conway’s skit of the 100 year old man while Joe’s opponent is vigorously defending himself in court or being cheered in front of a Harlem, NY bodega.

That bodega was where the owner was charged after defending himself during an armed robbery by the same DA prosecuting Trump. Senator Schumer may think shutting down the Mayorkas trial is a clever parliamentary trick, but to Americans who respect law and order he and senate Democrats show their endorsement of an open border and all the misery it’s caused and that’s a disgrace.

Ralph Miller

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