Hixson, Notre Dame Tennis Split

  • Saturday, April 20, 2024
Hixson High School hosted Notre Dame at the Hixson High School tennis courts on Friday, April 19th. Thye Hixson girls won 6-3, and the Notre Dame boys won by a score of 7-2.

Girls Singles
  1. Krupa Patel (Hix.) def. Sabina Fuller (ND) 8-4
  2. Kate Reed (Hix.) def. Carrigan Hudson (ND) 8-3
  3. Urja Patel (Hix.) def. Lillian Mullinax (ND) 8-4
  4. Brentlea Rodgers (Hix.) def. Elizabeth Malone (ND) 8-4
  5. Adriana Macarro (Hix.) def.
    Courtney Hudson (ND) 8-0
  6. Lillyan Pham (ND) def. Shirley Nguyen (Hix.) 8-5

Girls Doubles
  1. Sabina Fuller and Lillian Mullinax (ND) def. Krupa Patel and Kate Reed (Hix.) 8-6
  2. Carrigan Hudson and Courtney Hudson (ND) def. Brentlea Rodgers and Adriana Macarro (Hix.) 8-3
  3. Urja Patel and Shirley Nguyen (Hix.) def. Lillyan Pham and Kadi Collins (ND) 8-4

Boys Singles
  1. Patrick Osborne (ND) def. Joel Ortega (Hix.) 8-1
  2. Paul Hoang (ND) def. Aadi Patel (Hix.) 8-1
  3. Ayden Dant (ND) def. Jake Mallette (Hix.) 8-2
  4. Jaxson Rogers (ND) def. Justin Lemons (Hix.) 8-0
  5. Landon Gunther (ND) def. Ian Van Loh (Hix.) 8-5
  6. Thomas Blaylock (ND) def. Connor Frazier (Hix.) 8-1

Boys Doubles
  1. Patrick Osborne and Jaxson Rogers (ND) def. Joel Ortega and Aadi Patel (Hix.) 8-2
  2. Jake Mallette and Justin Lemons (Hix.) def. Landon Gunther and Thomas Blaylock (ND) 9-8 (5)
  3. Ian Von Loh and Connor Frazier (Hix.) won by default
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