Poor Staffing Model At Soddy Daisy High

  • Tuesday, May 21, 2024

I was told that the administrative staff at Soddy Daisy High School will increase by two.  So, there will be a principal, dean of students, and four other assistant principals.  This is for a school of around 1,000 students.  

When I was an assistant principal at Soddy Daisy we had over 2,000 students and only one principal and three assistants. We walked the halls every period, served a two-hour lunch supervision, observed classes, met with parents and students and got things done.  

I want to encourage the County Commissioners to carefully scrutinize the HCDE budget.  If they find more upper echelon waste in our schools, don't approve the budget.  I wonder how many other schools are staffed at this level. There is already enough waste in the Central Office. We need more teachers with better pay. Someone must reign this horse in.  

The money it takes to fund an extra dean of students and assistant principal would pay for three teachers. Where is the teachers; union on this subject? Out to lunch.

Justin Roberson should donate his $30K increase to help fund the school system. 

Please don't take this as a slam on Soddy Daisy High School. I love it and the community. I just don't agree with the new staffing model and the money it takes to fund it.  

To many chiefs and not enough braves.

Ernie McCarson

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