Sinclair Broadcasting Is Far From Local News

  • Wednesday, June 12, 2024

It’s not local news when Sinclair Broadcasting airs the same exact news story, word for word, nationwide, over 170 stations.

That is a national news network pretending to be a local news network.

There are national TV networks for advocating national policy.

Local news is different. It’s hometown. We trust the local news anchors more than the national news anchors. We see the local news anchors as our neighbors, so their voices matter more. We listen to them as friends and neighbors would.

So when these voices are told to read from the same script along with 170 other local voices across the nation, it gives me pause.

I advertise on Sinclair Broadcasting.

You will not meet nicer people. I will continue to advertise on Sinclair Broadcasting because I value the close friendships and Sinclair Broadcasting has helped make my local business successful.

It just gives me pause.

C. Mark Warren

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