20-Story "Skyscrapers" - And Response (2)

  • Saturday, June 15, 2024

So let me get this straight, a 20-story building is going to destroy the view of a 2,000-foot elevation mountain.

Guess they don't teach math in architecture school any more.

Douglas Jones


* * *

Regarding Mr. Jones rude and demeaning reply regarding math and architecture. It’s all a matter of perspective.
If you’re a half-mile away from the view, 20 stories will not be obtrusive. However, 50-100 feet away, the building completely blocks the view of the mountain.


Dave Fihn

* * *

David Fihn, please read Douglas Jones‘ letter again. It is you who has been rude and demeaning to Mr. Jones, all the while agreeing with his assertion regarding regarding math.

In all fairness, both architects and engineers are very proficient in math. What many, if not most, lack is common sense. That is hard to teach. There seems to be a correlation between higher educational status and lack of common sense.

The subject you both refer to is something I learned at age 11 when we learned to measure to height of a tree using a stick while standing on the ground in Boy Scouts.

I really think they get enamored with their education and position, causing a lack of reality.

J. Pat Williams,

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