Steve Slater For School Board, District 1 - And Response

  • Tuesday, June 18, 2024

With anyone running for public office, sadly I always wonder "What's their motive? What do they gain from this? Why do they want the job?" I don't have to wonder with this one. I can assure you that Steve Slater is running for the most simple, face-value reason: He simply wants to make Hamilton County schools better. I know this because we talked about it long before he ever decided to run. Actually, I even encouraged him to do it because I know him very well. I know exactly what kind of man he is, and I know his motive.

He doesn't care about recognition. He doesn't need money. He's not trying to leverage this into another position... He just wants to serve the families of our county. More specifically, he has a heart for the people and children in his district. It is the one he grew up in, raised his kids in, and still serves in so many ways.

If you want someone who will act based on common sense, put children first, holds a Christian worldview, shares our values, and has no hidden agenda or anything to gain from it... this is an easy choice. Support Steve.

If you live in District 1, vote for my dad.

Joel Slater

* * * 

I don't live in Soddy-Daisy, however, if I did I would vote for Steve Slater.  I know him and his son Joel.  They are both good guys and Steve will do the right thing.  

I encourage the voters in Soddy-Daisy to vote for Steve Slater for School Board.

Ernie McCarson

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