Patsy Hazlewood Cares About Her Community - And Response

  • Saturday, June 22, 2024

Patsy Hazlewood cares about her community. It is where she lives and where she goes to church.

She understands the drive up and down State Route 8, Highway 127 or Signal Mountain Boulevard, and its importance to the families that live on the mountain.

Over the past several years, weather events have caused closure of the road and at times have made traveling on it hazardous. With Patsy’s leadership and support, work is underway to improvements to State Route 8. More than $12.4 million will be invested in the improvement project that will improve safety, drainage, reliability and avoid future road failures.

Patsy works for our community. Her business experience combined with her knowledge of economic development is invaluable in identifying funds and setting priorities that get things done.

Chattanooga, Hamilton County and the state of Tennessee are the recipient of her hard work as a citizen legislator in the Tennessee House of Representatives. She deserves our heartfelt thanks and support.

Chip Baker

* * * 

Patsy Hazlewood understands the importance of being able to support a family. She was instrumental in passing an unprecedented $300 million in tax relief for Tennesseans in 2022 that included a month-long sales tax holiday on groceries and waiver of the state license plate fees (HB1154). As a young mother, those savings make a daily difference in our household. 

In addition, she has a record of getting things done, of being a fiscal conservative, and of supporting families in her community and other communities across Tennessee. This is a record of achievement that deserves our support.

On Aug. 1, vote to re-elect Patsy Hazlewood to House District 27.

Kathryn Trimble

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