Michele Reneau Is A True Conservative - And Response

  • Wednesday, July 10, 2024

After looking at the voting record of Patsy Hazlewood she will no longer be the receiptant of mine or my husband's vote. The fact alone that she has failed to take a pro-life stance for the unborn babies in Tennessee is sadly disappointing and totally out of touch with what conservative Tennesseans desire from their representative.

Please do your homework before going to the polls and do not assume Patsy Hazlewood should get your vote simply because she's the incumbent.

Our vote will be for Michele Reneau, a true conservative.

Vicki Suttle

* * *

It was 2021 when my husband and I decided to pack up our home to make the move from Washington state to Chattanooga. The tyrannical COVID-19 lockdowns shut down the entire state making it difficult to leave your home unless you pledged your allegiance to ANTIFA or BLM activists. 

The hypocrisy and double standards of the left opened our eyes and led us to conservatism. We were determined to “fix” our state but quickly learned that the state’s Republican leadership was weak and fragmented. It became a hostile environment for Christian and conservative families leaving us no choice but to move across the country to give our children a better life. 

To this day, my husband and I still talk about the feeling of relief we got as we drove into Idaho leaving behind the madness that had overcome the beautiful state of Washington. When we arrived in Chattanooga, we knew we could never let this happen to Tennessee. This is why we immediately became active in our community. 

Unfortunately, what overcame Washington has continued to evolve and seep into even the most conservative states like a virus. This is why who we elect to represent us matters. 

We need courageous defenders of faith, family, and freedom and we cannot afford anyone who cannot commit to boldly represent these values. We need bold, principled conservative leadership and this is why Michele Reneau is the best candidate for district 27’s state house representative. 

It is our responsibility as citizens of this great state of Tennessee to be active participants in the communities we live in and hold our leaders accountable when they fall short or aren’t there to take a stand. 

I have seen what lack of faith, family and freedom can do to a state. I have seen what happens when our elected officials are afraid to take bold stances to protect our children whether they are earthside or in the womb. I know what happens when the state believes they are a better parent than you. I have experienced the demise of communities overtaken by criminals and left wing extremists.

States like Washington and California weren’t taken down overnight, they were overtaken little by little. Perhaps their elected officials abstained from a vote to not anger some constituents or they used the pretense of not wanting to “hurt business” as the excuse for voting against legislation intended to put their citizens first. 

As a mother it is my duty to look after the best interests of my children and their future. This is why I also believe it is my responsibility to look at my current elected officials voting record before voting. If their voting record does not align with my values or my children’s best interests, I cannot in good faith give my vote to that candidate.  

This is why the most logical and best thing to do for my family is to give my support to and vote for Michele Reneau for Tennessee State House in district 27. 

Scarlen Valderaz 

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