Hamilton County Confederates: I-K

  • Tuesday, August 16, 2005

The following data on Confederate soldiers from Hamilton County is taken from a book by Nat Hughes and John Wilson.

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INGRAM, James Aaron Co. I, 22MS
Born c1826 Nahoba Co., MS. Enl., 1861. "We were beaten & quit & went home." Farmer after war. April 21, 1932 applied from HC for admission to TN Soldiers Home.

INGRAM, John A. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA(GA)
Enl. July 8, 1861 in Co. G, 26TN at Knoxville; Captured
at Fort Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862; imprisoned at Camp Douglas,
Chicago. Exchanged and joined 2d Co. K, 1CSA(GA). Killed at Chickamauga.

IRVIN, George W. Co. F, 35TN
Born in TN and a farmer in HC, he enl. Nov. 24, 1862 at Chatt. Brown eyes, dark hair, fair complexion, 5'6" tall.

IVEY, James C. Co. H, 4TN Cav.; Co. B, 5TN Cavalry Bn.
Born April 1840, near Chatt., son of John and Nancy. Enl. Aug. 11, 1861, at Chatt. Wounded slightly at M'boro and again just after Perryville by a Bush-Whacker. Capt. twice but escaped both times through the assistance of some of my comrades capturing my captors, one time killing one of them and capturing the others. Elected 1Sgt. Aug., 1862. In battles of Fishing Creek, Shiloh, Perryville, M'boro, Chickamauga, Miss. Ridge, Atlanta Camp., Bentonville. Surr. April 26, 1865. Res., 1911, Princeton, TX. [Yeary, Rems of Boys in Gray, pp. 373-74]

IVEY, William O. Co. B, 5TN Cav.
Enl. Aug. 11, 1861 at Chatt.

JACKSON, Sgt. A. G. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)
Born c1829. Enl. July 8, 1861 in 26TN; capt. at Fort
Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Camp Douglas; when exchanged he transf. to 1GA CSA; Reduced to pvt., June 1, 1863; Feb. 1, 1864 transf. to Clark's Independent Cav. Company.

JACKSON, Daniel C. Co. D, 37TN; Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Born 1831 in TN. Farm laborer in Harrison with three children born in AR. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville. Disch. July 5, 1862, disability, but appears to have joined dism. cav. [1860HC]

JACKSON, Henry Clay Co. B, 1TN
Born Feb. 12, 1838. Enl. May, 1861 in Nashville. Capt. in VA and imprisoned at Fort Delaware 18 months. Contractor who came to Chatt. about 1884. Built St. Peter& Paul and Centenary churches, 1st Nat'l Bank and Shipp Hotel. Died June 5, 1892 in Chatt. and buried Murfreesboro. [CT June 6, 1892; NBFM2,7]

JACKSON, James P. T. 1Lt. Co. I, 19TN
Born 1838 in TN, prob. son of Asahel and Maranda. Farmer at Harrison with wife Rebecca. Enl. May 25, 1861, in Knoxville in Co. B and transf. to Co. I, July 17, 1862. Promoted to sgt.

JACKSON, Nimrod Co. A, 19TN
Born 1816 in TN. 1860 res. Chatt. with wife Rebecca and 6 children. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville. Teamster. Disch. by May, 1863. [1860HC]

Born 1843, in VA. 1910 res. Southern St. with wife Ellen N. whom he married (2d wife) 1886. Railroad watchman. [1910HC]

JACKSON, Robert M. Co. B, 2AL Cav. Bn.
Born Marion Co., 1829. Enl. 1863. Res. Chatt. 1905 "very old and destitute." [TP 6700]

JACKSON, Sam Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Wounded at Chickamauga "for life."

JACKSON, Shadrack Co. H, 26TN; Barry's Btry.
Age 47 in 1861, he enl. July 8, 1861 in Co. H, 26TN at
Knoxville; left sick at Cumberland City, TN, Feb. 12, 1862;
enl. May 31, 1862 in Barry's Btry. at Chatt.; his duty was making oil for harness; deserted and took USA oath, Feb., 1864. [Brown's Diary]

JACKSON, Wiley T. Co. D, 37TN
Born 1845 in TN, son of Nimrod and Rebecca of Chatt. Enl. Sept. 1,, 1861 at Knoxville. Sent from Corinth to hospital, May 5, 1862. Disch. Nov. 24, 1862. Took USA oath, Jan. 5, 1864 in Chatt. 5'5" tall, blk hr, brn eyes., drk cmplx.

JACKSON, William W. 36GA
Born Maury Co., GA. 1Lt. and Adjutant, Oct. 16, 1863. Capt. Vicksburg, July 4, 1864 and paroled. Capt. Nashville Dec. 16, 1864 and imp. Johnson's Island. To Chatt. where he became brakeman on Western & Atlantic and later in wholesale grocery business in firm of Jackson & Trigg. Died Jan., 1905 in sanitarium in Tuscaloosa, AL.

Born 1846, in TN. Res. 1910, with wife Varlinchia, on Whiteside St. Riverboat keeper. [1910HC]

JACOWAY, William Usery Co. G, 3GA Cav
Born Aug. 16, 1845 in Trenton, GA. Married Mollie Shook (1871). Counsel for Southern Railroad. Christian Church. Long time resident of Trenton, GA, but "spent most of later years in Chatt." Died March 8, 1944 in Chatt. and buried in Trenton. [Chatt. Free Press, March 9, 1944; NBFM10]

JAMES, Adam Co. H, 26TN
Enl. July 8, 1861 at Knoxville; capt. at Fort Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862; imprisoned at Camp Douglas, IL, where he died July 21, 1862.

JAMES, Monroe Hatch Co. D, 61NC
Born 1832; Died April, 1918.

JAMES, 2Lt. Richard P. Co. A, 19TN
Born March 11, 1844. Ill with pneumonia in Jan., 1862, he recovered and reenl. May 10, 1862 at Corinth. Promoted to Orderly Sgt. He was ill again in June, 1864, then was captured at Franklin, TN, on Dec. 17, 1864 after suffering a gunshot wound. He was sent to Louisville, KY, from Nashville and then to Ft. Delaware. He was at a hosptial at Richmond, VA, in March, 1865, with a fractured right leg. He signed the USA Oath of Allegiance on June 2, 1865. Prior to the war he was a tinner's apprentice, living at the home of John A. Lee in Chattanooga. Died Feb. 19, 1910. [Worsham, p. 118; CV 19:174]

JAMES, William A. Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA); Co. F, 39GA
Prior to the war, he had a farm at Limestone north of Harrison. He lived with his wife, Milly, and daughter, Mary T. He was born c1834, son of William. He enl. July 8, 1861. He was captured at Ft. Donelson on Feb. 16, 1862, and was held a prisoner at Camp Douglas, IL. Absent, sick at Chatt., April 30, 1863; Deserted from hospital, June 12, 1863; capt. at Vicksburg, paroled then deserted Dec. 10, 1863.

Born Mar. 17, 1831 in Calloway Co., MO. Enl. June, 1861. Rose from orderly sgt. to Lt. Col. Real estate agent in Chatt. Moved to KY. [NBFM2,7]

JARNAGIN, Cpl. Albert L. Barry's Btry.
Brother of Mrs. T. H. McCallie; enl. Feb. 9, 1862. at Memphis; capt. Jonesboro, Sept. 3.64; imprisoned Camp Douglas, IL; 5'8" tall, dk. eyes, lt. cmplx., dk. hair.

JARNAGIN, Sgt. Gustavus Henry "Gus" Barry's Btry.
Born at Athens, TN, April 9, 1844, son of Spencer Jarnagin, US Senator. Gus Jarnagin received an appointment to the USNA but resigned to enlist Oct. 4, 1862, at Knoxville. He was paroled May 11, 1865, at Meridian, MS. He clerked briefly for prosperous Chattanooga businessman Joseph Ruohs following his war service. Later, he and John T. Staff had a grocery at the corner of Seventh and Market and in 1893 Jarnigan married Irene Virginia Ruohs, daughter of his former employer. He died April 24, 1914 at his home on Vine Street and was buried in FH. [CT April 25, 1914; TWP, 10,805; 1890VetCensus]

JARNAGiN, Pleasant D. Co. G, 26TN; Co. F, 39GA
Enl. July 8, 1861, in Knoxville. Left sick at Bowling Green, Jan. 23, 1862. Capt. Atlanta, July 22, 1864 and imp. Camp Chase, OH.

JARNAGIN, Maj. R. A. Co. E, 19TN
Appointed asst. commissary Sept. 11, 1861, he was killed at the battle at Murfreesboro on Dec. 31, 1862. [Lindsley, Mil. Annals of AofT]

JAY, Louis E. Co. E, 59GA (Andersonville Guards)
Born 1848, in GA. Carpenter in Chatt., 1910, Joined NBF Camp, March, 1910 with wife Lula. Moved to Tampa. [NBFM4; CT March 2, 1910; 1910HC]

JEFFREYS, Alexander Co. K, 43 TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861, at Ooltewah. He was captured at Vicksburg on July 4, 1863, and paroled. Before the war, he was living at Soddy as a farm laborer with Sarah Coleman. His age in the 1860 census is given as 15.

JENKINS, ALLEN Co. A, 5th (McKenzie's) TN Cav.
Enl. Aug. 24, 1861 at Camp Cumming. Age 37 on March 11, 1864 roll. Captured June 20, 1864 in HC. Took USA oath July 16, 1864 and "went north of Ohio River."

JENKINS, Ephraim Co. A, 23GA
Born 1844, Lincoln Co., NC. Enl. Aug. 31, 1861. ANV: 7 Pines, Malvern Hill, Chancellorsville. Transf. Jan., 1864, to ordnance dept. in Etowah, GA. Paroled Columbus, GA, Apr., 1865. To TN 1881. Res. Chatt., 1907. 1910 res. hh. of grandson Love Lowrey. [TP8819; 1910HC]

JENKINS, Thomas John
His second wife was Georgia Anna [CT June 7, 1908]

JENKINS, Lt. W. C. Co. L, 35TN; Co. B, 3GA Reserves
Battle of Murfreesboro; transf. to Co. B, 3GA Reserves; absent without leave Aug. 15, 1863. Buried Yellow Springs, Poe Road, Walden's Ridge via Daisy.

[TP 8819]

JENNINGS, John H. Co. H, 19AL
Born Walker Co., GA, 1842. Enl. Aug. 1861. Shiloh, Murfreesboro (wounded), Chickamauga, Miss. Ridge, Franklin, Nashville, Bentonville. Paroled Salisbury, NC. To TN, 1877. Passenger agent for NC&St.L RR; member of Chatt. Fire Dept.; 1910 undertaker res. hh of son-in-law Wm. K. Garmany. Died Jan. 16, 1917 in Knoxville and buried in FH. 75yrs. [CT Jan. 17, 1917; FHR; TP 8607; 1910HC]

Born Nov. 17, 1842 in Walker Co., GA. Enl. Aug., 1861. Wounded in Battle of Murfreesboro. Paroled May, 1865 at Salisbury, NC. Merchant in Chatt. [NBFM2]

JOHNS, Z. L. Co. L, 36TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chattanooga.

JOHNSON, A. J. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)

JOHNSON, Abraham Malone
Served the Confederacy during the war in the railroad department. His father, Col. Ephraim Malone Johnson of Hall County, GA, had opposed secession, but he supported his
three sons who joined the southern army. Born in Gainesville, GA Jan. 31, 1830, Johnson had come to Chatt. in 1851 and established himself as a tinner and mail agent. He became superintendent of the Wills Valley Railroad which he continued to manage during the Civil War until Chatt. was evacuated. He afterwards operated on the Macon and Brunswick line. Near the end of the war, he oversaw repairs of the Atlanta and West Point and GA railroads.
It was written of Johnson long after the war that he was "an
ardent supporter from first to last of the Southern Confederacy,
believed in the doctrine of state rights and a strict
construction of the Federal Constitution, which involved the
rights of property in the South, the real cause of the war, and
now that 40 years have passed is of the same opinion still, and
under like circumstances would do the same as he did in 1861."
After the war, having "lost house and possessions," he became a bank cashier, then became involved in the operation of a rolling mill. He also was president of the Lookout Water Company and Chattanooga Medicine Company (which evenually would become Chattem Corporation), and led in the development of the Chattanooga suburb of St. Elmo. He also founded FH Cem. He married Thankful Whiteside, daughter of Col. James A. Whiteside. Mason. Episcopalian (left land for Thankful Parish). He died at his res. in St. Elmo April 21, 1903 and is buried in FH. [CT, April 22, 1903; FHR; Hist. of St. Paul's, p. 170; 1860HC.]

JOHNSTON, Ambrose 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC. Deserted Sept. 12, 1863.

Enl. July 31, 1863 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863 and paroled.

JOHNSON, Sgt. Campbell Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 12, 1861 at Ooltewah; discharged Nov. 1, 1862; paroled.

JOHNSON, Elias Presnel Co. F, 5SC or Co. B, 13SC
Married Mary Elizabeth; Sarah Lou. [TWP 2401, 828]

JOHNSON, Henry, Sr.
Born c1845, VA. Farmer, 1910 in HC with wife Burnettie. [1910HC]

JOHNSON, J. G. Sgt. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC. Deserted at Shelbyville, TN Feb. 14, 1863.

JOHNSON, J. G. Co. G, 2GA Cav.
Born Hall Co., GA, 1849. Enl. 1865. To TN 1912 and res. Alton Park, 1916. [TP 15,053]

JOHNSON, James M. Co. H, 4TN Cav.

JOHNSON, James M. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Dec. 1, 1861, at Ooltewah. Capt. at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863. Before the war, he had a farm at Long Savannah. He and his wife, Mary, were from NC. They were born there c1829. They moved to HC from NC c1860.

JOHNSON, John Nettleton Co. C, 1KY Cav. Bn.
Born Bedford Co., VA, Aug. 18, 1847, he moved to Bristol as a youth and attended Emory and Henry. Attempted to enlist, riding almost 200 miles into western VA, but was sent home for being too young. He ran away at least twice again but was sent back by authorities or intercepted by his father. Finally he succeeded in joining Co. C, 1KY Cav. Bn. and was in the fights at Cynthiana, KY and the raid across the TN River at Paducah. After fighting with Morgan, Johnson fought with Forrest and was wounded at Harrisburg. After war made home in Savannah, GA. Lawyer. Episcop. Married (1882) Lucy Herndon Botts. To Chatt. 1912, then appointed Pres. CSA Pension Board and moved to Nashville where he died Feb. 4, 1931 and was buried in Mt. Olivet Cem. [NBFM2,8]

JOHNSON, Lewis Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1822 in TN. Carpenter. Married Mary. Res. of Birchwood, 1860. [1860HC]

JOHNSON, Martin 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. July 14, 1862 in HC. Deserted Sept. 1, 1863.

JOHNSON, Oscar Bowman
Born Penfield, GA and served in a GA regiment. Married Martha E. McLaurin of Jackson, MS. Patrolman, then sgt. in Chatt. Police Force, serving 25 years. Episcopalian. Died July 1, 1912 at home on East 10th and buried FH.

JOHNSON, Stephen Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 12, 1862 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863 and paroled.

JOHNSON, Thomas H. Co. K, 4GA Cav.
Born HC, Nov. 6, 1839. Ft. Donelson, Chickamauga, Siege of Knoxville. Took USA oath, Jan., 1864. "My health was bad. I saw nothing but defeat." Res. hh. of son Samuel H. in James Co, 1910. Res. Ooltewah, 1919. [TP 15,415; 1910James Co.]

JOHNSON, Thomas Co. F, 35TN
Born in Bledsoe Co., TN in 1832, he was a miller at Harrison when he enl., Oct. 1, 1862. He became ill Jan. 11, 1863 and died in Chattanooga March 31, 1863. [Worsham, p. 8; 1860HC]

JOHNSON, Lt. V. Q. Co. A, 19TN
He was appointed adj. of the 19TN Infantry on Sept. 1, 1861, after earlier being 1Lt. in Co. A. In February, 1862, he was home sick on furlough. Prior to the war, he was a clerk in Chatt. with a personal estate of $20,000. A native of VA, he was born about 1829. His wife was Jane E.

JOHNSON, W. D. Co. L, 36TN
Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 at Chattanooga.

JOHNSON, William Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Enl. Aug. 7, 1861, Cleveland.

JOHNSON, William A. Co. K, 43TN
Born c1845 in TN, son of William and Mary A. Johnson. Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863 and paroled.

JOHNSON, Zack Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Nov. 10, 1861 at Ooltewah; captured at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863 and paroled.

JOLLY, James W., Jr. 2Lt. Co. B, 66 GA; Wooford's Cav.
Born Forsyth Co., GA, 1840. Enl. 1862. Lookout Mtn., Missionary Ridge, Atlanta Camp. Paroled Kingston, GA, May, 1865. To TN, 1892. Married (1904) Sarah "Sally" Williams. Died 1909 in HC. [TWP, 292; TP 11,262]

JONES, A. G. Co. K, 4AL
Born GA. Enl. 1861. Contractor in Chatt. c1895. [NBFM2]

JONES, Ambrose Co. B, 5TN Cav.
Enl. Aug. 11, 1861.

JONES, B. A. J. Co. H, 26TN
Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Mortally wounded Ft. Donelson, Feb. 13, 1862 and died Feb. 23, 1862.

JONES, Benjamin F. 2nd Co. K, 1st CSA Cav.
Enl. Sept. 24, 1862 in HC. Detailed by Maj. Gen. Sam Jones at Chatt. Deserted Dec. 28, 1863 at Charleston, TN and took oath Jan. 11, 1864. Res of HC. Fair complexion, light hair, gray eyes, 5'4" tall.

JONES, Elias P. Co. H, 35TN; Co. H, 4TN Cav. (Starnes)
Born April 7, 1842 in Graysville, GA. Enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Dunlap, TN. Captured twice and was in Little Wills Valley at time of surrender. Married (1865) Mary Elizabeth Farmer. Occupation butcher. Died 1909 at res. on Duncan Ave. in Chatt. on Feb. 12, 1909. Buried in FH. [FHR; TWP, p. 67; NBFM2; TP8289]

JONES, Francis M. Co. F, 35TN
Born in Bledsoe Co., TN, in 1830, he farmed in HC until enlisting at Varnell Station; captured at Missionary Ridge, he took the USA oath Dec. 16, 1863. Blue eyes, dark hair, florid complexion, 5'8" tall.

JONES, George Washington Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA) F&S
Grad. Medical Univ. of Nashville, 1860. Enl. Aug. 6, 1861, Knoxville. Prom. Asst. Surg., Sept. 8, 1861. Elected 2Lt, Jan. 29, 1863. In arrest undergoing sentence Genl Court Martial to be suspended from pay and command for two months, Aug. 31, 1863. Detailed as Acting Asst. Surgeon, June 17, 1864. Acting Asst. Surg., 66GA, July 1, 1864. Paroled Greensboro, May 1, 1865.

JONES, Henry Hall Co. D, 4GA Cav.
Born Aug. 25, 1844 in Bienville Parish, LA, of GA parents, he enl. June, 1864 at LaGrange. Wounded Sept. 19, 1864 at Battle of Winchester and hospitalized at Lynchburg. Res. of Chatt., 1909. 1910 boarding on Market St. Collector for roofing co. [NBFM2,7; 1910HC]

JONES, James
Born Knox Co. and married (1883) Emma Bates. Died 1928 in HC. [TWP, 270]

JONES, Sgt. James H. Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Born Dec. 19, 1842 in Wilson Co., TN. Enl. May 15, 1861 in Co. H., 4TN Cav. Afterwards served in McClung's Btry. and with John H. Morgan. Captured at Greenville Sept. 4, 1864 and released May, 1865. Butcher and sometime salesman in Chatt. Left Chatt. in late 1890's for Galveston, Tex. where he and his wife were killed in great storm, Sept. 8, 1900. Bodies never recovered. [NBFM2,3]

JONES, James W. "Jim" Co F, 2SC; Co. B, 5TN Cav.; Co. A,
1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born Abbeville Dist., SC, Dec., 1846. Enl. Aug. 11, 1861. Became commissary sgt. and later disch. because of disability. Married Aley Cleveland (1883, Loudon Co.). Res. 1910 Miller Ave. Died Oct. 27, 1910 in East Chatt. and buried CSA Cem. [TWP 3674; 1860HC; 1910HC]

JONES, Joshua Co. A, 1Cav. (Carter's)
Born c. 1835 in TN. 1860 res. in hh of Rachael Eldridge. [1860HC]

JONES, William
Born 1843, NC. Res. 1910 in Soddy with wife S. E. Manager of office building. [1910HC]

JONES, William Thomas Co. A, 38AL
Born Greenville, SC and married (1893) Martha Ayers. Contractor in Chatt. after war. Died Nov. 22, 1914, age 72, and buried CSA Cem. [CT Nov. 23, 1914; TWP, 280]

Born c1848 in Bradley Co. and married (1896) Lizzie Vandergriff. Farmer in HC. [1910HC]

JUDD, Amos Wilson Dykes Co., Fla. Lt. Arty.
Born Watertown, CT in 1846, he moved with his family to Winchester, TN in 1859. He began his service in Nashville in the Ordnance Dept., turning out 136 million gun caps until tranf. to Atlanta in early 1862. He continued to manufacture caps and
powder until June, 1863, when he joined Gamble's FL Btry. He
later guarded prisoners at Andersonville, GA and Salisbury, NC.
After receiving his parole in Tallahassee, he attended Union Univ. (TN), practiced photography at Valparaiso and Indianapolis, IN, then moved to Chatt. in 1877 and established a photography business. "Dean of the photography profession in Chattanooga." Episcopalian. Married (1894) Ida Eakin. Died April 27, 1929 in Chatt. [TWP, 269; CT April, 27, 1929; Hist. St. Paul's, 173-74; NBFM6]

JULIAN, William Isom Co. A, 5TN Cav.
Son of Marsena R. Julian, a Methodist circuit rider, and Malinda Crowder Julian who lived at Tyner. Enl. Aug. 24, 1861 at Camp Cummings by J. W. Gillespie for 12 months in White's Co. Age 25 on Mar. 11, 1864 roll. Present on rolls (though sometimes listed in Co. F, 1TN Cav.) through March, 1864. Detailed by order of Gen. Humes in East TN, June 30-Dec. 31, 1864. Serving on detached duty as scout in North GA when capt. Feb. 26, 1865 in Murray Co. "A guerilla and bushwhacker." Took USA oath Mar. 11, 1865 in Chatt. as deserter. Married Elizabeth J. Farris, April 26, 1865. His second marriage was to Bettie J. Farris, Oct. 24, 1867 in Catoosa Co. GA. He died Aug. 10, 1898 and buried in Julian Cem., Graysville, GA. [TWP 219; Eliz. Manley, Julians and Allied Families]

JUSTICE, Joseph Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah. Capt. at Vicksburg, July 4, 1863. Paroled.

JUSTICE, William M. Co. F, 35TN
Born in Calhoun Co., GA, in 1841, he worked as a rr laborer at Chatt. when he enl. at Chatt. on Oct. 14, 1862. He was hospitalized much of 1863-64. He had blue eyes, dark hair and a fair complexion.

KANESTER (KANASTER), Alex Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA)
Enl. Aug. 28, 1861, Knoxville. Sick in hospital, Nashville, Aug. 28-9.8, 1861. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Camp Morton. Absent on furlough, June 30, 1863. Deserted in Whitfield Co., GA.

KAYLOR, Daniel Pringle Chattanooga Home Guards
A leading Chatt. businessman before the war, he served in the Home Guards because of a physical disability. Born in New York City in 1825, he was the son of George Kaylor and Mary Pringle. In 1852, he moved to Crawfish Springs, GA, and from there to Chatt., where he had a distillery and flour mill. He married Sarah Whitfield McBryde in 1846. His second wife was Eliza Cordelia Hagan Walling. He died in Chatt. in 1898.

KAYLOR, Harry Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
One of the sons of Daniel Kaylor, the Chatt. businessman. Enl. Aug. 14, 1864 in Griffin, GA. Paroled April, 1865. After the war operated Kaylor Hall and the Kaylor Distillery. May be Wm. Kaylor, 11yrs., bn. NY in hh of Daniel P., 1860.

KEEF, Alexander Co. D, 37TN
Born 1847 in TN, son of Jonathan and Nancy of Chatt. Enl. greatly underage Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville, but "sent home by order of Col. White, Nov. 11, 1861.

KEEF, Henry Co. D, 37TN
Res. McAlester, OK, 1912.

KEEF, Jesse Co. D, 37TN

KEEF, William Dale "Daily" 23TN; Co. D, 37TN
Born Dec. 25, 1845 in HC and enl. Sept. 1, 1861 at Knoxville. He caught measles which settled in his lungs and he was disch. Nov. 4, 1862. Resident of Chatt. for 30yrs. Married (1870) Amanda Cruze. Died at his home in Hill City July 29, 1906 and buried in White Oak Cem. [CT July 30-31, 1906; TWP, p. 68; TP6478]

KEENEr, James D. Co. B, 43TN
Born c1820. Enl. June, 1862, Sulphur Springs.

Enl. Jan. 9, 1862 in Co. L, 36TN at Chatt.; transf. to Co. F, 35TN; disch. April, 1863 as "non conscript."

KEISTER, Henley Crocket Moreland's Co., VA Local Defense Force
Born 1845 in Newport, VA and married (1874) Sarah Angeline Stanfield. Died 1890 in HC. [TWP, 304]

KEITH, Asa Co. G, 26TN; Co. D, 37TN
Born 1797 in Jackson Co., GA. Farmer at Chatt. with wife Eliza. Enl. July 8, 1861. , Knoxville. Disch. because of age but reenl. April, 24, 1863 At Chatt. Hospitalized that summer and died in Catoosa Hospital of chronic hepititis in June, 1864. 5'6" tall, drk cmplx, blk eyes, blk hr.

KEITH, John Bailey Co. F, 3CSA Cav.
Born May 6, 1845 in Murray Co., GA. he married (1860) Mary Constance Terry, Oct. 20, 1866 in Murray. Surrendered with unit in Kingston in 1865. Died in HC. [TWP 2650]

Died prior to 1915. His wife, Kate, was 77yrs. when she died in Chatt. and was buried in Pleasant Valley. [CT June 21, 1915]

Born April 20, 1833 in Greenville Dist., SC, he enl. in March, 1862. He was wounded at New Hope Church and at Jackson, MS. During the latter battle a shell burst near him paralyzing him for eight days and he never recovered fully from its effects. Paroled May, 1865 at Kingston, GA. He came to TN in 1878 and was res. in Chatt. in 1908. [TP 6462]

KELLEY (KELLY), G. F. M. Co. H, 26TN
Born 1841. Enl. July 8, 1861 at Knoxville; died Oct. 8, 1861.

KELLEY, George W. Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)
Born c1838, in TN. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Wounded in arm at Ft. Donelson, Feb. 15, 1862 and sent off. Trans. from Bradshaw's Co., Dec. 15, 1862. Appt. Sgt. April 30, 1863. St. Mary's Hospital, Dalton, May 9, 1863. Farmer res. 1910 on Shallowford Rd. with wife Manda L. Died June 11, 1918 at home and buried in Concord Cem. [1910HC; CT June 12, 1912]

Died at age 75 on April 21, 1908 at his home on Cowart St. Buried FH. [CT April 22, 1908]

KELLY, John Barry's Btry
Lost on retreat in Feb. [Brown's Diary]

KELLY, Miles Co. D, 4th (12th) GA Cav.
Enl. Oct. 4, 1862, under Capt. William J. Rogers. Absent Oct. 18, 1862. Born in Ireland about 1832, he was a day laborer living with his wife, Bridget, at Chatt. prior to the war. Also enl. Jan. 10, 1863. Winston's Lt. Arty. On detached service to Mobile, April 28, 1863. Took USA oath at Chatt. and said he had been conscripted. Paroled April, 28, 1865.

KELLEY (KELLY), William Co. D, 19TN; Co. H, Cons. 3TN
Born and raised near Dayton in Rhea Co., he was wounded trying to carry his captain off the field at Chickamauga. Died of pneumonia Dec. 9, 1904. [CT Dec. 23, 1904]

KELTNER, Thomas W. Co. A, 19GA; Co. B, 6CSA Cav. Bn.
Born Hamburg, SC, 1842. Enl. June 11, 1861. 2Manassas, 7 Days, Petersburg. Capt. Nov. 12, 1864 in Owen Co., KY and imp. Camp Douglas. 1910 res. in Ridgedale. July 7, 1920 entered Soldiers Home. [TP 12,045]

Tax collector in CSA Chattanooga. [WF]

KENNEDY, Capt. Daniel Allen Co. A, 19TN
Born c1840. Enl. May 20, 1861, elected 2Lt, May 20, 1861 and became Capt. in May of 1862. He was stationed with the unit at Corinth, MS, spending part of this time in the hospital. He was capt. by Federal troops on Dec. 16, 1864. Kennedy was transf. to the prison in Louisville, KY, and from there to Johnson's Island in OH.
Dark complexion, eyes and hair, and stood 5'8 tall". His father was Allen Kennedy, a pioneer at Ross's Landing, and his mother was Margaret Hackett. His brothers were Dr. William E., John and Mark. After the war, he was a druggist on Market St. at Chatt. He died in 1876. [CT Jan. 18, 1912]

KENNEDY, Capt. John Hackett Co. A, 19TN
Son of Ross's Landing pioneer Allen Kennedy and younger brother of Daniel A. John and Daniel Kennedy operated a wholesale drug store on Market St. JHK promoted to Sgt., then Capt. Wounded in right thigh, July 22, 1864., Battle of Atlanta. Capt. at Macon. Afterwards in Ocmulgee Hospital, Macon. Returned to Chatt. and died here 1870.

KENNER, William H. Co. A, 2TN Cav. Bn.
Born Sept. 26, 1835 in Marion Co. TN. Enl. May 10, 1861. Wounded at Fishing Creek. Paroled Apr., 1865 in NC. Merchant in Chatt. but moved away. [NBFM2]

KENT, Wiley S. Co. D, 37TN
Born 1835 in TN. Farm laborer at Harrison. [1860HC]

KERNS, Burton Co. H, 33GA
Born Lumpkin Co., GA, 1840. Enl. early 1861. Chancellorsville (w), Fredericksburg, Gettysburg, Spotsylvania CH, Petersburg. To TN c1880. Res. Soddy, 1908. [TP 9948]

KERR, Jesse M., Jr. Barry's Btry.
Enl. Feb. 12, 1863. at Pollard, AL; hospitalized May 31, 1863. in Jackson, MS.

KERR, James M. Barry's Btry.
Enl. Oct. 4, 1862. at Knoxville; wounded in head at Spanish Fort, April 7, 1865.

KESTERSON, John C. Co. A, 19TN
He was among those enrolled by Col. F. M. Walker at Cumberland Gap, VA, in August, 1861. Kesterson was with the unit at Corinth, MS, and then at Shelbyville, TN In July of 1863, he was detailed to cut logs at Chatt. On Sept. 10, he deserted by coming into the Union lines and taking the USA Oath of Allegiance. He was sent to Louisville, KY, for release there.
He was a son of Abel and Margaret Cook Kesterson. The
Kestersons had come down the river to Chatt. from Claiborne Co., TN, in the mid-1850s. After the war, John Kesterson lived for a time at Moccasin Bend, but he moved to the Indian territory in OK when his daughter was small. He married Harriet Lewis of Polk Co., and their only child was the daughter Margaret.

KEY, B. P. 9TN Cav., Co. E, 14TN Cav.
Enl. in 9TN Cav, Jan. 7, 1863. Charter member NBF Camp, 1885-96. Physician in Chatt. [NBFM2]

KEY, Lt. Col. David McKendree
A prominent Chatt. attorney and political leader when the Civil War broke out. After TN joined the Confederacy, he had an active role in the organization of troops and was appointed adjutant-general on the staff of Gen. William R. Caswell. In June 1861, he assisted in organizing 43TN Infantry, of which he was Lt. Col. Took part in the KY campaign, the retreat through Cumberland Gap, and the action around Vicksburg. There he suffered a wound to the thigh and was captured. He was exchanged and, after the battle at Chickamauga, he reorganized his regiment at Decatur, GA. He went with Longstreet into VA, but his health failed and he was unable to complete the campaign. Key was born at Greene Co., TN, in 1824, son of John Key, a farmer and minister. He studied at Hiwassee College and moved to Chatt. in 1853. After the war, Key resumed his law practice at Chatt. In 1875, after the death of former President Andrew Johnson, he was appointed his successor in the U.S. Senate. He retained this post until 1877 when he was appointed postmaster general by President Rutherford B. Hayes. In 1880, he was named as federal judge, a position he held until 1896. He was married in 1857 to Elizabeth Lenoir, and they had seven children. The Key home was at Fourth and Chestnut streets. [GHT, 956]

KEY, Lucius Eugene Co. I, 13GA
Born July 9, 1838 in Henry Co., GA. Enl. in Griffin, GA, April 8, 1861. Fought with ANV. Wounded Chancellorsville, Wilderness and Petersburg. Paroled at Appomattox Courthouse. Carpenter in Chatt., also Chatt. Sewer and Pipe more than 20 years. Died March 15, 1915 in North Chatt. and buried CSA Cem. [NBFM2,9]

KEY, Lt. Summerfield Armitage
28yrs. in April, 1861 when he enl. as a private in the 19TN Infantry. Two months later, he was transf. to 43rd Infantry and appointed adjutant. He was in the KY and MS campaigns, including the siege of Vicksburg. He was with Longstreet in East TN and accompanied Early through MD and in the Shenandoah Valley campaign. Capt. J. N. Aiken of Co. K, 43TN reported that at the cavalry fight at Darksville, VA, late in the war, when "our brigade was pitted against five times its number, it is but justice to state that if it had not been for the coolness and bravery of Adjt. S. A. Key, who was acting as chief of staff [adjutant], our entire command would have been surrounded and captured. On all occasions he proved himself to be a cool-headed, brave, efficient officer, and to-day has the highest respect and affection of every survivor of the command." He was with the escort of Jefferson Davis until the latter's capture in GA.
The younger brother of David Key, he was born in Monroe Co., TN, Oct. 14, 1835. Attended Hiwassee College, Carson Newman College, and then studied law. He was a leading attorney and he was chancellor for two years. 1871, Summerfield Key married Mary Divine, daughter of John L. and Elizabeth Williams Divine. Represented HC in TN Gen'l Assembly, 1877-79. He died in Chatt., June 14, 1891 and was buried in FH. [FHR; BDTA, 2:494-95]

KIDD, W. H. Co. E, 6AL
Born in NY state. Enl. June 6, 1861. RR Car builder in Chatt. c1895. [NBFM2]

KILGORE, J. J. Co. G, 26TN; 2d Co. K, 1CSA (GA); Co. F, 39GA
Enl. Aug. 28, 1861, Knoxville. Left sick at Clarksville, Feb. 11, 1862. In 39GA Dec. 31, 1862-Feb. 28, 1863; As CSA deserter went into Fed. lines at Sale Creek, Oct. 18, 1863, where he took USA oath and released to remain north of the Ohio. [Henderson, 304]

KILGORE, Robert D. Co. H, 26TN; 2d Co. I, 1CSA (GA)
Born c1842. Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Camp Douglas. Deserted Kennesaw Mtn., July 2, 1864.

KILLIAN, Billy Co. C, 3TN Cav. Bn.
Son of William and Elizabeth who farmed in the Salem community. 1860 and brother of Henry. [Roark, Hardtack and Hardship]

KILLIAN, George Washington Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1845 in TN, son of William and Elizabeth of Birchwood. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861, Cleveland.

Son of William and Elizabeth who farmed in the Salem community and brother of Billy. Married (1853) and moved to Ark. Fought in CSA, returned to Ark. and moved to Tex. in 1878. Married second time (1897) Sarah Elizabeth Roark, sister of James A. [Roark, Hardtack and Hardship]

KIMBALL, LeVert Garrrity's AL Btry.
Born in Mobile Sept. 24, 1845. Was college student and contrary to father's advice enl. at Fort Barrancas. Served five weeks in cav. and then tranf. to Garrrity's Btry. Participated in all battles from Shiloh to Nashville. Wounded at Murfreesboro and imprisoned at Springfield, IL. Exchanged and fought at Mobile, surrendering at Cuba Station in May, 1865. Lawyer in Chatt. Member of NBF Camp. Died in Chatt. Nov. 28, 1892 and buried in CSA Cem. [1890VetCensus; NBFM2]

KIMBROUGH, William Bradley Co. A, 21GA Capt.
Born at Rocky Hollow, Jefferson Co., TN, May 29, 1833. TN. Enl. June 6, 1861 at Cumberland Gap, TN. Merchant in Chatt. c1895. Member NBF Camp, 1896. [NBFM2; 1890VetCensus]


KING, A. W. Barry's Btry.
Enl. Sept. 30, 1862. in Chatt.

KING, Alfred Columbus Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Son of the Rev. Alfred and Susan Matthews King of Ooltewah. Enl. at Cleveland, Aug. 7, 1861. At Bristol Oct., 1864 waiting on the sick including his older brother, Wm. H. King.

KING, Fielding S. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born c1842, son of the Rev. Alfred and Susan Matthews King of Ooltewah.

KING, Herbert Lewis Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born 1839, son of the Rev. Alfred and Susan Matthews King. Enl. Aug. 7, 1861, Cleveland. Capt. Sept. 2, 1864 Martinsburg, VA as member of Vaughan's Brigade by Gen. Wm. W. Averell and imp. Ft. Delaware where he died of small pox Feb. 17, 1865 and buried on Jersey shore. 5'10 1/2" tall, grey eyes, brn hr.

KING, Maj. Horace W. 61TN
Born 1829(1824?) in Athens, TN. Asst. QM, 61TN. On staff of John C. Breckinridge and Chief QM on staff of Gen. Sam Jones, Feb. 6, 1863. Lived some time in Atlanta and in Washington, DC. Died 1884 in Chatt. and buried in Cit. Cem. [CTS]

KING, Major John B. Co. C. 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
After joining the company formed by Capt. William Snow of Snow Hill, he quickly rose through the ranks. Initially he was a 1st. Lt. in Co. B, 1TN Cav. after enlisting in Cleveland and being mustered in at Knoxville in August of 1861. He later rose to the rank of Mma. He was killed June 6, 1864 at the Battle of Piedmont, VA.
King had a farm at Snow Hill prior to the war, residing with his wife, Susan. He was born about 1833. His father was Alfred King, who also farmed at Snow Hill.

KING, Sgt. John C. Co. F, 35TN
Born in Newberry District, SC, in 1833, he became a merchant
in Chatt. where he enl., Oct. 4, 1862. He deserted Nov. 25, 1863 near Ooltewah and took the USA oath Dec. 11, 1863. Gray eyes, dark hair, fair complexion, 5'10" tall.

KING, Thomas Clark's Independent Cav. Co.
Enl. Aug. 18, 1863. Deserted Sept. 10, 1863 at Loudon, TN.

KING, Thomas J. Co. H, 4TN Cav.

KING, William H. Co. B, 1TN Cav. (Carter's)
Born c1829, son of the Rev. Alfred and Susan Matthews King of Ooltewah. He was deputy sheriff prior to war. Enl. Nov. 14, 1862. Wounded at Morristown, TN, and in October 1864 was in hospital at Bristol, TN. Lived with his parents after war in Houston Co., GA. and still unmarried at age 39 in 1870.

Enl. July 8, 1861, Knoxville. Prom. to Sgt. Capt. Ft. Donelson, Feb. 16, 1862 and imp. Camp Douglas.

KINMAN, Elisha W. Cpl. Co. A, 19TN; Co. H, Cons. 3TN
Born Dec. 8, 1820 in Roane Co., TN. A veteran of the Mexican War, he enl. at Knoxville, then re-enl. at Chatt. on July 31, 1863. He was hospitalized that fall and was carried on the rolls as still hospitalized in June, 1864. On roll of 3TN in April, 1865 in NC. Fisherman in Chatt., drawing Mex. War pension. Wife Mary A. Died in Chatt. April 19, 1901 and buried CSA Cem. [NBFM2,7; 1890VetCensus]

Born McMinn Co., c1831 and married to Elizabeth McCarty in Chatt. Enl. Sept. 20, 1862. Capt. Vicksburg. Died near Walden's Ridge, 1898. [TWP 1982]

KIRKLIN, Allen J. Co. A, 19TN
Son of Elisha Kirklen who was formerly of Bledsoe Co. and had bought farm at foot of Lookout Mtn. in what would become St. Elmo. AJK had married Laura Vanstory just prior to war. Enl. Aug. 6, 1863. Listed sick at home and died during war.

KIRKPATRICK, James T. Co. I, 1GA State Troops
Born Blount Co., TN, Dec. 22, 1839. Atlanta Camp., Jonesboro (w). Paroled May 11, 1865 at Atlanta. 6'2 1/2" tall, auburn hair, blue eyes. To TN, 1906. 1909 res. Mitchell Ave., Chatt. [TP 11,423

KIRKSEY, George W.
Born Fulton Co., GA. Married (1869) in MO. Julia Gaines. Died in HC. [TWP, p. 171]

KIRKWOOD, R. M. Clark's Indep. Cav. Co.
Enl. April 5, 1861 Marion, AR. Deserted Nov. 25, 1863 near Chatt.

KLOTZ, John P. Co. A, 4TN Cav. Bn.
A native of Prussia, he was a shoemaker at Chatt. prior to the start of the war. He lived with Jacob Kunz, another European immigrant. Disch. overage Sept. 15, 1862. Returned to Chatt. after war.

KNIGHT, Alexander Co. H, 37TN
Born 1833 in KY. Married Mary. Farm laborer in Harrison who enl.Sept 17, 1861, Knoxville. Reduced to ranks from 4th Sgt. by court-martial, July, 1863. Deserted Sept. 9, 1863 and took USA oath, Sept. 23, 1863. fair cmplx, sandy hr, blue eyes, 5'6" tall. Enl. in 11KY (USA).

KNIGHT, George W. Co. I, 19TN
Born c1837, son of Jacob and Rebecca Knight of Harrison. Enl. May 20, 1861, Knoxville and arrived Cumberland Gap, Aug. 15, 1861. Wounded Chickamauga, Sept. 20, 1863 and capt. Nov. 29, 1863 at Harrison. Imp. at Rock Island where he stated he was "opposed to the rebellion and tired of fighting for it." Took USA oath, May 21, 1865.

KNIGHT, James D. Co. D, 35TN
Born c1824 in KY. Farm laborer in hh of Alexander Knight, 1860. [1860HC]

KNIGHT, Sgt. James H. Co. K, 43TN
Enl. Oct. 17, 1861 at Ooltewah.

KNIGHT, Meredith Co. H, 37TN; Co. H, 4TN Cav.
Born 1844 in TN, son of Jacob and Rebecca. Res. Harrison with parents when he enl. Sept. 1, 1861, Knoxville. Prom. Cpl., May 1862. In arrest since Jan. 10, 1863. Deserted Sept., 1863 near Ringgold, took USA oath and enl. in 11KY Cav. (USA). Dk. cmplx, blk hr, brn eyes, 6'1 1/2" tall. Signed name Marit Night. [1860HC]

KNOX, Henry H. 1Lt. Co. A, 62MS
Born 1841, in TN. To Chatt. in 1870's. Res. 1910 Fort Wood Place in hh son-in-law George M. Smart. Died June 18, 1910, age 70, and buried Citizens Cem. [CT June 19, 1910; 1910HC]

KRAFT, Conrad Co. A, 4TN Cav. Bn.
He was a cabinetmaker, residing with Jacob Kunz, prior to the war. He was originally from Wurttemberg, Germany. Capt. April, 12, 1863. at Camp Dick Robinson and imprisoned at Louisville but released April, 23, 1863. Died 1866.

KRIES (KRICE, KREISE), George W. Sgt. Co. H, 2TN Cav. (Ashby's)
Born 1841 in Germany. Day laborer in Chatt., 1860, in hh of A. Cook. He had his horse shot on Nov. 7, 1861. He placed its value at $250. Absent sick during part of war but present at surrender April, 1865.

KREIGNER, Joseph Q. 3d Lt. Co. F, 21MS Infantry
He joined his brother, Louis Kreigner, at Chatt., then went to MS to go into the harness business. He was living there when the war broke out. He fought under Capt. Jerry Robins, who later lived on Lookout Mtn. Joseph Kreigner was killed at Sharpsburg, VA.
The Kreigners were from Teplitz, Germany. Joseph Kreigner accompanied his brother to America on an extended bridal tour beginning in 1849. They reached NY in early 1850, and later went to Charleston, SC, then Atlanta and on to Chatt. They decided to remain at Chatt. because the mountainous region reminded them of their homeland on the border between Bohemia and Saxony. They settled permanently at Chatt. in early 1852. [CT Nov. 3, 1900]


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