Your Vote Could Be Thrown Out, And You Won't Even Know - And Response (5)

  • Sunday, October 2, 2016

Are you Black, Hispanic or Asian-American?

Sorry. You're at risk of having your presidential vote thrown out... and you won't even know.

One projection is that 1 out of 8 persons of color will have their vote invalidated in this November's election.

Josef Stalin is credited with the following quote:

“Those who cast the votes decide nothing.

Those who count the votes decide everything.”

A name like yours may be on a secret list kept by the Tennessee Secretary of State, making you ineligible to vote.

Tennessee is one of over 25 states participating in the Interstate Crosscheck Voter Registration Program.

If a person with your first and last name was identified as being registered in more than one state, you may be flagged as having potentially committed voter fraud... voting more than once in an election. There is no reference to middle-name, no reference to date of birth or social security number.

A similar strategy was used by Florida governor Jeb Bush and Florida Secretary of State Katherine Harris in the 2000 election... contributing to the election of George W. Bush.

If you go the the following page, you can cross-check your name for Georgia and Virginia. We do not have a direct tool for Tennessee yet.

Let's say your last name is Washington. (About 80% of all such persons are Black, and historically they have voted for the Democratic party candidate.)

I used the tool, and entered the name John Washington. If the name appears on more than 1 State's list, the Tennessee citizens will likely not have their vote counted.

This is a very abbreviated example:

John Washington Sr Decatur, Ga.

John H. Washington Jr Joelton, Tn.

Johnnie Lee Washington Morrow, Ga.

Johnnie Lee Washington Sr Indian Mound, Tn.

What this means is if your name is John Washington or Johnnie Washington and you live in Tennessee, your vote will likely not be counted in the upcoming election. This is a travesty.

What if your last name is Lee? Odds are you are Asian-American, and you usually vote for Democratics. As an example, the following Tennessee citizens will likely have their votes thrown out:

April Allison Lee Woodbridge, Va.

April L. Lee Morristown, Tn.

Barbara L. Lee Mableton, Ga.

Barbara G. Lee Pleasant View, Tn.

Bryan Craig Lee Union City, Ga.

Bryan M. Lee Knoxville, Tn.

Let's say your last name is Garcia. Odds are you are Hispanic, and you usually vote for Democrats.

Kathyrn Christine Garcia Gainesville, Ga.

Kathryn P. Garcia Nashville, Tn.

Adriana Maria Garcia Atlanta, Ga.

Adriana M. Garcia Ooltewah, Tn.

Colleen T. Garcia Ackworth, Ga.

Colleen Theresa Garcia Morristown, Tn.

David Garcia Guyton, Ga.

David Garcia Palymra, Tn.

There have been practically no instances of convictions for voter fraud, yet Republican Secretaries of State are using this tool to disenfranchise (rob the vote) from millions of minorities who typically vote for Democrats.

Matthew Hine

* * *

The reason we need to show a photo ID to vote.

We could put Debbie Wasserman Schultz in charge of election fraud?

Chuck Davis

Lookout Mountain

* * *

This election is so un-American and embarrassing that I do not want anything to do with it.  But, I am an American that has never missed voting in an election so I must suffer through it to be true to myself and my rights and obligations as a responsible and patriotic citizen in this blessed country.
So watch your step Trump.  Clinton has no chance with me.  Never has and never will and you are on a slippery slope.  So clean up your act and get serious or you are just a blank waiting for a write-in with me.  Otherwise that blank will be filled by the name of Senator Richard Burr (R) of North Carolina with a preferred vice of Marco Rubio.  Those were my preferences before this charade started.  Mike Pence deserves so much better than what you are dishing out for him to deal with.  He is a dedicated American who has always functioned on a higher note than he is having to perform under in his present circumstance.
God help us all to make the right decisions.
Charlotte Parton

* * *

This is not an accurate representation of how the Interstate Crosscheck Voter Registration Program works in Tennessee. The program compares a voter’s name, date of birth and the last four digits of their SSN, not simply a voter’s first and last name as the article suggests. 

“If a person with your first and last name was identified as being registered in more than one state, you may be flagged as having potentially committed voter fraud... voting more than once in an election. There is no reference to middle-name, no reference to date of birth or social security number.” 

No one is purged from the list in Tennessee without additional follow-up to the voter. Even if someone is purged, the voter would still be offered a provisional ballot, which would be counted if they were mistakenly removed. 

I thought you would like to know and may consider a correction. 

Adam Ghassemi
Director of Communications
Office of Tennessee Secretary of State Tre Hargett 

* * *

Mr. Hine, the Republicans have fought for voter I.D. laws while Democrats have argued that there are no incidences of voter fraud to warrant such a law which they claim will suppress votes. 

But now you come along and are arguing that votes are indeed being suppressed. So I think by supporting voter I.D. requirements you and your liberal comrades could completely eliminate your worries concerning these blacks, Hispanics, and Asians-Americans having their votes thrown out?  We as Americans are required on almost a daily basis to confirm our identities with a photo I.D. and for this to be a requirement to vote seems logical. 

By the way, you state that 80 percent of people with the surname Washington are black, I would accept that as a fact. Then you go on to state that if your last name is Lee that you're more than likely Asian.  I challenge you to substantiate this claim. 

C.L. Leigh 

* * *

There really have been problems found with the Interstate Crosscheck System designed to flag potential voters casting their votes in more than one state. So much so that Florida left the system around 2014, according a Miami Herald article. An important, but often overlooked warning by some states is by Crosscheck itself that admits there can be problems, "A significant number of double votes are actually false positives that weren't double votes after all."  This is an actual warning by the system itself.  

An MSNBC article stated this about the Interstate Crosskcheck System used in North Carolina: "Based on Crosscheck data, the state elections board announced that it had found upwards of 35,000 potential double voters—provoking a frenzy among state and national Republicans and conservative media. But that turned out to be the number of voters whose names and birth dates – not Social Security numbers—matched those of voters in other states. Experts quickly pointed out that with such a large data pool, the statistical chances for false matches are high. Even the much smaller number of matches that included Social Security numbers, 765, was likely largely the result of errors by voters or poll-workers." 

Registered poor voters, who are believed to be the ones most negatively impacted by any Crosscheck System screw-ups, move around a lot. Therefore, any letters sent out to them are likely to be missed, and there's usually a statement on most government mail "Do Not Forward." Meaning the mail will automatically be returned to the sender, if at all. There are indeed potentially serious problems with the Interstate Crosscheck System. Some might be human errors, but those mistakes can cause a lot of innocent registered voters to be purged depending on how the system is used or abused.  

Brenda Washington 


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