Transit App Now Offers Bike Chattanooga Unlock And Pay Feature

  • Thursday, March 3, 2016

Transit, a free smart phone app that launched in Chattanooga the summer of 2014 to help plan public transit routes, has partnered with Bike Chattanooga by adding a new feature that makes purchasing Bike Chattanooga casual passes easier and more efficient for riders.  This new feature gives casual riders the option to purchase day passes directly from their mobile device rather than through the Bike Chattanooga rental kiosk.

Typically, to get a release code for a docked bike, a rider would need to interact with the kiosk. With the new Unlock and Pay Feature on the Transit App, customers have the option to skip the kiosk and purchase a day pass via the app. Bike Chattanooga is the Second Motivate System to have this ability, following Columbus Bike Share, COGO. “This new feature of the Transit App will provide riders with an efficient and fast way to unlock a bike and go. Adding to the already useful features of the App, this is just another way to help locals and visitors plan their trips around town,” said Joannah Burkhardt, assistant general manager of Bike Chattanooga. 

The same pricing structure still applies when using the Transit App, which includes unlimited 60min station-to-station trips for both Annual and Casual Users.  Trips lasting more than 60min, incur overage charges.

Once the Transit App is downloaded and an account is created, riders can conveniently purchase casual memberships and generate new ride codes directly through the app. After signing in, the app will recognize you for the next use. The payment information is entered once at sign up and will never be asked again. The Transit App also allows casual users to see when their rental period has ended.  Casual Riders can now log onto the Bike Chattanooga member page and see their Transit App trip data, which was previously only available for annual members.

“We’re very excited to help improve mobility in Chattanooga once again,” said Sam Vermette, CEO of Transit App. “Back in the summer of 2014, Mayor Andy Berke signed an executive order to open the city’s data and make it universally accessible. Shortly thereafter, we worked closely with CARTA and Open Chattanooga to add the city's transit data into our app, allowing residents to plan a-to-b trips and track their buses in real-time. In partnering with Bike Chattanooga, we're hoping to continue making it just a little bit easier to get around without a car.”

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