Sources Say Domestic Incident Involving Mayor's Aide Came After Husband Confronted Her And Mayor Behind Restaurant; Berke Says Charge "Absolutely False"; Fletcher Says Gave Shelter To Lacie Stone; Case Handled Like Any Other

  • Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Bobby and Lacie Stone in happier times
Bobby and Lacie Stone in happier times
A domestic disorder involving a top female aide to Mayor Andy Berke was sparked after her husband recently confronted the aide and the mayor in a parked car behind a Mexican restaurant, several sources said.
Mayor Andy Berke said late Tuesday night, "Last weekend a member of my senior staff was the victim of a domestic assault involving her husband. Upon being arrested and charged, her husband made numerous false allegations about me and other people involved in city government.
It is unfortunate that this situation escalated to the point of a domestic assault.
"Let me be clear: the allegations are absolutely false. As an administration we have been working hard to combat issues related to family violence and this is a reminder of why it is so important. Out of respect for the ongoing investigation, and the privacy of those involved, I won’t be commenting further."
The sources said Bobby Stone had sometime earlier caught wife Lacie Newton Stone "trading inappropriate, sexually suggestive texts."
Sources said recently Bobby Stone found Ms. Stone, who in March had been elevated from communications director to an advisor to the mayor, in the mayor's city-owned car behind Las Magaritas. According to sources, Mr. Stone attached a tracking device to Ms. Stone's automobile and located her car behind the Mexican restaurant.
Sources said Mr. Stone angrily confronted the mayor and slapped his wife.
The incident on Friday began when Mr. Stone saw his wife sending text messages and he tried to grab her phone to read them, according to sources.
He was struck in the head during a struggle for the phone. He wound up dragging Ms. Stone out of the house and tossing a large rock at the vehicle she drove away in. The rear glass was shattered.
Sources said Ms. Stone immediately called Police Chief Fred Fletcher and he told her to come to his house. Sources said Ms. Stone had stayed with the chief and his wife after the earlier incident and that she and her husband had attended a party at the Fletcher residence just prior to the incident Friday.
Mr. Stone was transported to police headquarters on Aminicola Highway rather than directly to jail. A domestic assault detective was sent for a four-hour interview with Mr. Stone, who allegedly told all that had transpired to lead up to the incident, sources said.

Chief Fletcher said, "Last Friday night I had dinner at the home of Mr. and Ms. Stone with my wife, Assistant Chief David Roddy, his wife, and two friends of Mrs. & Mr. Stone. When I left their home, there was no indication that anything was wrong. About an hour after I left the home, I received a panicked phone call from Mrs. Stone stating Mr. Stone had hurt her. I instructed Mrs. Stone to come to my home where I knew she would be safe. Mr. Stone also called me and reported that a physical altercation had occurred with Ms. Stone. I called communications to identify the watch commander who I directed to have officers respond to my home to investigate the incident. I made it clear that this incident will be investigated the same as any other crime.

"I know there have been untrue allegations made about my relationship with Ms. Stone and they are unequivocally false. Mr. and Mrs. Stone are my friends and I was saddened to hear about this incident. I am glad she called me and was able to leave what she considered to be a dangerous situation. I hope people will respect her privacy. Out of respect for the investigation, I won’t be commenting any further."

Chief Fletcher gave these Available Incident Details:

On Saturday, the Chattanooga Police Department responded to the 3000 block of Ozark Circle concerning a domestic disorder that reportedly occurred near the 3000 block of Folts Circle.

  • The victim contacted Chief of Police Fred Fletcher, who lives in close proximity to the victim, reporting she had been assaulted by her husband.   
  • Fletcher directed the victim to come to the Fletchers' residence.
  • Fletcher reported the incident to the on-duty Watch Commander and requested officers respond to this location to conduct a field investigation. 
  • Officers with the Chattanooga Police Department arrived at the 3000 block of Ozark Circle to speak with the victim. 
  • The victim advised there was a verbal argument in which a physical altercation occurred ending in the shattering of victim's rear car window. 
  • The victim filed a report, but did not wish to pursue charges and declined to be further interviewed on scene - reportedly due to fear. 
  • Additionally, officers responded to the 3000 block of Folts Circle, where the incident occurred, to speak with the suspect. 
  • The suspect reported that there was a physical altercation and admitted to shattering the back window of the victim's car. 
  • Through the on scene investigation, officers identified Robert Stone as the primary aggressor. Stone was arrested and charged with Domestic Simple Assault and Vandalism Domestic. 
  • The investigator over the case followed up with the victim that night, but the victim did not wish to return to the scene. The victim did agree to speak with the investigator on another date. 
  • The investigator in the case conducted a follow up interview with the victim and is continuing the investigation. 
Victim: Lacie Stone (38)
SuspectRobert Stone (54)
Bobby Stone, who is charged with domestic assault and vandalism, is represented by attorney Lee Davis. He is due to appear in General Sessions Court on Tuesday.

Lacie Stone
Lacie Stone
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