Concern For Our Country - And Response (2)

Saturday, July 20, 2019

I am very concerned about the direction of our country.  Everyone has to be on a “side” – no one working together. With that attitude we will get nowhere.  Let me say up front, I have always been (and so has my family, dating back generations) a Democrat – now, seeing their behavior, I can’t imagine that I was ever one of them.  I was even a volunteer when Carter ran for office. Here are just a few of my concerns – and I really believe a lot of people in our great country have these same concerns.

My concerns may or may not be correct.  Everyone doesn’t have the same opinion – that’s why we send different people to D.C. to each talk about their views, then try to work out a mutual agreement to help the people of our country. Contrary to some beliefs, this isn’t a platform for you and your personal gain, it is your job where you should be working for the people who elected you.


First – I think President Obama had a lot to do with the racial tensions in this country. It was like he wanted to pit us against each other. I really thought he wanted to help the country, but it seems he had no idea how, and he did too many under-handed things and too many bad things for our country (Iran $$, Benghazi, IRS scandal, AP phone scandal, Keystone Pipeline, Prism surveillance on everyday Americans, etc.).  He really didn’t care what anyone’s opinion was, if he wanted to do it, he did – then we found out later.  I had nothing against him when he was elected – it was the things he did after he was elected.  I don’t care, as the “squad” says, he was “of color”.  What I care about is whether you are working and doing good for our country – it is the greatest country in the world.  If you don’t believe me, trying living somewhere else and see how your life changes.


Second – From my view, the Democrats caused the destruction that is going on.  I think it started with one of the biggest “jokes” - Hillary trying to confirm with Donald Trump during a debate, that he would accept his loss for the Presidency if (she was thinking “when” not “if”) he didn’t win.  Now, several years later, she is still not accepting it (just as the Democrats aren’t) and keeps sticking her nose in, trying to stir the pot.  Talk about a sore loser.  She should at least try to appear she has some “class” (having money doesn’t mean you have “class”).  Another problem is Maxine Waters and her constant calling for Democrats to harass Republicans.  If Republicans are in a restaurant, see that they can’t enjoy their meal, make them uncomfortable, make them leave.  Then we hear “impeach, impeach, impeach” from her.  These are all statements she has made – anyone who turns on a television or radio has seen or heard her.  And heaven forbid they are wearing anything MAGA!  We constantly read about her cheating to gain money but has anything been done about that – nope.  The Democrats get by with whatever they want to do or say and it’s obvious.


Third – I am so sick of hearing the news twisted.  I have (had) been a viewer of Good Morning America since the day it signed on.  Now, since George Stephanopoulos is so one-sided (assuming because he worked for the Clintons), I have banished myself.  In the past when there were elections or catastrophes, I tuned in to CNN.  I have moved from there since it became the Clinton News Network.  They only present one side and have crazy, untruthful contributors. I was not a Trump fan to begin with – I thought he was not taken seriously and had no chance. But after hearing the people on these news programs lie so much and make fabrications, I decided there must be something good about him or they wouldn’t be working so hard to make him look bad.  During the 2016 elections I couldn’t take it anymore because I would hear Donald Trump make a statement, then I would hear the news say he said something completely different.  We are not stupid.  These news people may try to pretend they are truthful and report all the news, they do not.  We can see it and hear it – and they are twisting things.  I had to give up on them.  At least with Fox, they have people from both sides who argue their points.  Walter Cronkite is probably rolling over in his grave.  I was always taught, you work hard to prove what you can do, you don’t try to tear someone down to make yourself look better.  That is what the Democrats are doing.


Fourth – Monday I was extremely disappointed.  As I arrived home from work, I saw the press conference of “The Squad”.  Four “new people on the job who want to run the place (country)”.  From what I can tell, they have no respect for anyone.  When the questions get too tough they either leave or as Cortez did on the border, roll up the window.  A few comments about them.  They are upset because they said the President is making racial slurs against people of color.  That is definitely not the case.  He said nothing about color at all.  


And to hear Omar on national television when children are watching use such crass and crude language is absolutely disgusting.  She is terribly Anti-Semitic.  She doesn’t like anyone who is “different” than she is.  Then she turns around and says it is a Mosaic country which we should appreciate.  She is the one who is unappreciative.  She said he referred to people of color as “s…holes”.  That is not what he said.  He used the term to refer to their country.  Basically, that’s what the countries he was talking about are – she should know that – she came here to get away from it.  If their countries were better, they wouldn’t be trying to escape.  None of them are showing any appreciation for this country and the opportunities they are afforded.  Cortez may have come from Brooklyn or the Bronx, but she isn’t showing any respect for the country where she was born.  Maybe her father told her this country belongs to everyone – but by everyone, it belongs to our citizens – not anyone who crosses into our country illegally.  


If they come here legally and make themselves a real part of the United States, then, yes – it belongs to our legal citizens.  These people should think – if they went to another country and behaved as they are doing here, those countries may do something really vicious – like chop their heads off.  Omar should know that, but she thinks al qaeda is a laughing matter.  I am tired of them saying the President doesn’t care about this country.  He obviously cares more than they do.  They say people don’t have money.  Maybe they don’t have as much “free” money as they want, but to have anything, you need to work for it.  They simply want to give people money, pay for their needs, their schooling, etc.  What kind of a country would this be with a civilization of people with their hands out waiting for someone to feed them – no need to go to work because the government will come along and support you. Soon the country will be broke.


 The President has given everyone who has a job, more money in their pocket. They want people to have free insurance because it’s in a mess right now (remember, “you can keep your own doctor” – we see how that worked out).  The mess is a result of Obama Care and the prices you pay for it are unaffordable for most.  And if you couldn’t afford it under Obama, you had to pay a penalty for not having insurance.  Many states no longer have it.  The President can’t fix this by himself – Congress must help.  We were on the verge of a new system until John McCain said he would vote for the revision to the insurance bill – then he voted against it and that one vote cost us everything.  A lot of things they are complaining about were started by Obama – but they can’t see that.  And now Biden is trying to run on Obama’s coattails.  If people wanted another Obama, they would have voted for Hillary.


Fifth – The Democrats are complaining about the border.  They want everything free for people who wander into our country.  They are complaining about the way people who come here illegally are in cages right now.  Look up the living conditions in Hong Kong.  Living expenses are so high, people rent caged areas in warehouses to use as permanent living spaces. That is forever. The cages the “gate crashers” are in is temporary until they are processed.  If the Democrats had helped when they were asked, other than shouting the “manufactured crisis” lie, this wouldn’t be happening.  They want us to turn everyone loose and take care of them.  What is wrong with you?  


I feel very sorry for the kids who are put in this situation by whoever brought them here, but it is not our responsibility.  Do you think if you barreled into another country they would give you free everything?  Of course not.  And – you want to get upset if ICE tries to do their job, arrest lawbreakers and send them back?  What a farce. They are here illegally.  They have already broken the law as soon as they set foot into this country without going through the system – and you think that’s OK?  Obama sent many more people back than Trump has done – where were you then?  You thought it was fine – you were proud he was upholding the law.  Now the President is doing the same thing – but it’s not OK?  Wake up.


Recently Cortez complained about Wayfair beds – then she complains they have no beds. “The Squad” was given a chance on sending help to these people (which is costing us millions), but they all four voted against it – then went to the border and complained telling everyone they needed help. If you want to give stuff for free, think of our homeless veterans. They fought to make our country great and you would do anything for interlopers but not for your own? Think of our mentally ill who are living on the streets because they can’t care for themselves.  Drive by Community Kitchen on a Saturday afternoon and count the people lined up on the sidewalks.


If this keeps up, our country will be completely overtaken because so many people will find out what stooges we are, will come through our border and we will no longer have a lawful country with law-abiding citizens.  I am all for people coming to our country to work and help.  I am not for people coming here and breaking laws, etc., which is exactly what they are doing.  I am of the impression that these four “Squad” members are doing nothing more than race-baiting.  Same as Beto O’Rourke going to talk to some of the illegals and telling them what they are going through is totally the fault of the U.S.  Not true – they came here on their own. They are trying to cause so much racial tension to bring notice to themselves – constantly saying “we are women of color”.  How about changing that to “we are citizens of the United States” and try to help the country?  They want to be “Freshman Stars”.  No one should come into a new job and think they have all the power to bulldoze through others.  Some of the things they are calling for is downright idiotic.  I understand “fresh ideas”, etc., but that is not what they are doing.  They are not discussing and trying to work with anyone with their ideas – they are just trying to say basically “this is my idea and I don’t care what you think and I won’t consider a compromise”.  They do not want to solve problems, they want to create them.


Yesterday was terrible.  They decide to have a vote to condemn the President for making a “racist” tweet.  I’ve read it quite a few times, and I see nothing that mentions race, color, etc.  It appeared to be all about patriotism.  And – why is it OK for the Democrats to use terrible, disgusting language toward the President yet nothing is done?  Even Pelosi called the President racist (and the four trouble makers called her a racist).  The language they are using (especially Omar and Tleib) is way beneath a Congress person who should be setting an example for the rest of us.  I personally feel I would have to talk to my children to explain to them that these particular Congress people are an example of how not to behave.  So far they have done nothing for our country.  They speak and question people with a “holier than thou” attitude.  It is just insulting.  I cannot believe anyone in their districts are proud of their representative.


The Democrats want us to follow in the footsteps of Venezuela – become Socialists.  Anyone who wants to convert our country to Socialism is wanting us to fail.  It’s like you don’t like your pilot (the President), so let’s hope he fails – and the plane goes down.  That’s where we are headed by following these people.  Right now we have a great economy – in June retail sales rose, exceeding expectations.  Jobs have grown – even when the previous administration said it couldn’t be done – this President has done it.  I say, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever – you should not be disgraceful to someone because you do not like them.  He has helped our country immensely and we are “booming”.  I won’t even go into details on our relations with other countries – the first President to try to form some kind of relationship with North Korea – you may not like it, but trying to form a bond is better than NK running amuck.


Everyone should get their acts together and work together.  We do not need to be fighting each other – we need to be working to keep our country great. Sit back and think.


Janet Wilson


* * *


Re: "I say, whether you are a Democrat, Republican, Independent or whatever – you should not be disgraceful to someone because you do not like them."

Wow! WOW! To the above statement.


Where were all these people and why weren't they speaking out when a sitting president was told he "could suck on my machine gun?" When Republicans were spreading false birther rumors about him? When a FLOTUS was referred to as "an ape in heels?" When even their young daughters weren't spared from attacks? When a Republican referred to that same president as "The food stamp president?" When elected Republicans and others were spreading fears of the "browning of America?" When elected Republicans admitted their sole purpose was sabotage any and everything that same president sought to accomplish? When elected Republican, Joe Wilson, shouted "You lie!" while that same president was giving a to Congress? When some elected Republicans covered their mouths and giggled like little childish girly-men during one of that same president's speeches? Where where these people when that same president and other Democratic officials had images of themselves placed in what appeared to the scope of some type gun by rightwing Republican elected and running candidates? 

Republicans used the election of a black man to the highest office of the land to "stir up the crazies." And they've been stirred up every since. 

That president was Barack Obama, his wife Michelle, and their two daughters, along with a few other Democratic figures who were viciously attacked. President Obama isn't guilty of having done anything unless one considers him becoming America's first African-American aka black president a crime. The Republicans sought to use that to their advantage. To them it was fun as usual. They "stirred up those crazies." They opened up that Pandora's box. Then they lost control of it. 

Where were those concerned people like Ms. Wilson, when? 

Brenda Washington 


* * *


There are plenty of statements made by Ms. Wilson with which I disagree; there are also several with which I agree, but neither is the point of this response.

The opinion and response of Ms. Wilson and Ms. Washington, respectively, is a fitting microcosm of our country in general, and why we seem to be stuck in a pattern of “one step forward, one step backward.”

Ms. Wilson’s opinion is one-sided, no doubt. In seeking to point out the fallacies of said opinion, Ms. Washington posts an equally one-sided opinion of the polar opposite variety. 

Neither of you are convincing anyone of your viewpoints, nor will you ever if you continue to trumpet only the perceived positive qualities of your candidate/party, while stubbornly ignoring the negative qualities, as if by doing so they will cease to exist. 

Dallas Cole





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