The Democratic (Marxist) Party And The Republican Party

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Have you noticed the stark differences between the Marxist Party and its members and the Republican Party and its members?  The Marxist Party has the right to destroy America, burn stores, loot stores, beat up the elderly, close cities, close streets, rape our daughters, beat up our sons, go into parks that are not open due to COVID-19 and destroy whatever may be there.  Block entrance to churches, restaurants, stop people from making a living and laugh about it and then dare you to say anything because it is hate speech. And you cannot stop them because the public of America approves of what is going on.

They, the Marxist party, are now led by the Black Lives Matter Movement (a Marxist organization, true - look it up), supported by Nancy Pelosi George Soros, Bill Gates, The Clintons, Amazon, PetSmart, Google, Apple…. too many to name (I forgot the Supreme Court if you can call it a court). 

This organization wants to destroy what black, brown, and white Americans built. They bow down to a man or men, forgetting there is a God, but proclaiming that they are God-fearing Christians and mocking true Christians, who believe the Bible.   (Show me a true Christian Democrat/Socialist/Marist?  You cannot.)  They will be in their churches on Sunday or maybe not, listening to having the Bible preached with what they want to hear from the Bible, not God’s true word. They have eliminated chapter after chapter of God’s truth and mocked much of his word.  I could mention several of the denominations, but I will not. 

Sadly, I have friends (I will always be their friend, not sure about them with me) with whom I grew up in the same city and they have become part of the Marxist Party and are proud as they can be.  I can remember back when my dad was alive, and a Democrat, that there were actually lots of Democrats that I voted for in elections, not because of the party, but because of the person.  I cannot find a person who is in today’s Democratic (Marxist) party who is worthy to vote for as a person. They are not there. 

When Obama was President, in my opinion the worst president we have ever had, the reason this country is like it is today, because he let everyone do what they wanted to do, he, who apologized continually for our actions and he continually bowed down to foreign rulers and let them make the decisions for America, I did not protest, I did not block streets, I did not loot, oh, I wanted to, but as a civilized person I did not.  Because this is America and things will work their way out.  Well, this is no longer America, and things will not work their way out.

The Marxist party controls most of our cities (cities they controlled are the most dangerous in the country and the most in debt), several of the large states in America (are again states with no leadership and debt ridden).  A side note, the Marxists want to make Washington D.C. a state, what a joke, it is hardly a city, there is no control, high crime and Marxists are everywhere laughing and shouting for the protesters to destroy, destroy, destroy. In addition, the Marxists, if they already do not want to control our public schools, they now control the medical society, hospitals, doctors.  Will it soon be you?  

This will probably be the country’s last 4th of July, if we even get to celebrate.  There is no civility among people. The public lives in fear of COVID-19 and puts no faith in our Father, God and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The public has bowed down to man, how easy it will be to plant the ‘mark of the beast’ on most Americans. By the way we are not there, just read your Bible, for those of you who can read.  But the times, in a way, are scary, but I do not live in fear of anything but my father God. 

Republicans may not always be right, and they are not a lot of time.  As a supporter of the Republican party I do not agree with everything they do.  But they are not protesting, burning our cities, raping women, and sitting at home going, more rioting, protest, yelling, kill, kill.  No, they are trying to work within the system, or what is left of the system.  There is so much hatred towards Donald Trump, how as a human being can you ‘hate’ someone who you have never met, you do not know, how can you do that?  I never liked Obama, but I did not hate him.  I did not know him, I never met him, how could I hate him?  But I did not have to like him, or his policies and I did not. 

The reason the Marxist party has become the rage is because they cannot control the country, as they did under Obama, with Trump as President.  They cannot destroy America and American families with their liberal policies, and their destruction of God’s word in the Bible.  But that is okay, because their day is coming, as is mine, when we all will have to bow down before our Savior and not man. The Marxist party and the majority of Americans want to destroy this country.  Let me tell you people, once you let a Marxist get on a committee, school board, company board, in government office, you can forget common sense, freedom, sound reasoning and sensibility.  You will soon have a tyrant ruling and controlling all you do and you will be afraid to open your mouth. 

Are you a proud member of the Marxist party or a member of the Republican party or no party at all?  Whatever party you are in, you need to stand up for America and quit destroying it.   

Douglas Smith

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