Tim Kelly Loans His Mayoral Campaign Almost $1.1 Million; Says Move Will Not Make Him Beholden To Special Interest Groups

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Former auto dealer Tim Kelly loaned his own mayoral campaign almost $1.1 million, allowing him to outspend his next closest fundraising competitor, Kim White, by $300,000 during the last reporting period.

The out-sized Kelly loans also leave him with $440,000 more than Ms. White to finish out the campaign. The election is March 2.

Mr. Kelly loaned the campaign $16,700 during the first reporting period. Then he loaned the campaign $5,300 on Sept. 10, $10,000 on Oct. 8, $30,000 on Nov. 4, $80,000 on Dec. 3, $15,000 on Dec. 22, $328,000 on Jan. 2 and $603,200 on Jan. 15.

The Kelly campaign said the strategy is designed not to make Mr. Kelly beholden to special interest groups.

Kelly campaign manager Rachel Hanson commented about Mr. Kelly’s strategy to self-finance a good portion of his campaign budget, and said this was not a precedent-setting move.

She said, “Tim wanted to spend the majority of the campaign’s time and energy listening to and talking to voters, not fundraising for dollars from interest groups.

 “Several years ago, Deborah Scott, a candidate for Chattanooga City council, self-financed her campaign in order to avoid any potential influence from outside interests. This was a successful campaign and allowed her to focus on the needs of her district over those of outside special interest groups who might try to sway her votes.  Tim is taking this same action as he knows the only special interest he will have is for the people and the future of Chattanooga.”

Ms. Hanson said campaign financial disclosures from several other candidates "showed heavy influence from special interest groups and industries." She said, “With so many Chattanoogans struggling during the current pandemic, it didn’t seem appropriate for Tim to put a ‘hard sell’ on the community for campaign funds. Despite that, 70 percent of our contributions come from Chattanooga donors, the most of any candidate in the race, most of which was directly donated, not solicited. And we did so without the help of either major party’s political machine behind us. Tim’s commitment will always be to what’s best for Chattanoogans, not special interest groups.”

Ms. White, former president of the River City Company, has loaned her campaign $8,000. She and her husband, Joe Dan White, gave $1,600 each to the campaign.  

The Kelly campaign got in early and had $43,159 in the earlier period, including the $16,700 loan.

The Kelly group took in $1,169,331 in the most recent reporting period, most of which was the loans from the candidate. It now has $622,043 on hand.

The Kelly campaign spent $590,447 in the most recent period, while Ms. White spent $290,056.

Ms. White reported receipts of $472,978, including her $8,000 loan. She has a balance of $182,922.

Wade Hinton, who was city attorney in the Andy Berke administration, took in $153,284.

His spokesperson, Spencer Bowers, said, “Wade has raised $153,000 from almost 500 donors in the course of three months. While some candidates for mayor of Chattanooga may be essentially self-financing, Wade is funded by everyday Chattanoogans who want a progressive and experienced mayor to lead this city through the COVID-19 crisis and recovery.  They’re looking for a leader with a vision who is pro-growth, for good-paying jobs and accessible housing,

“Growing up on the Westside and working his way through school, Wade understands how tough it is to make ends meet and is so honored to have each and every contribution he has received. While he may not have the biggest war chest, Wade has raised enough to be competitive and is proud to have raised the most money of any black mayoral candidate in the history of Chattanooga elections. Now, Wade is focused on making more history, when voters cast their vote beginning Feb. 10.” 

Monty Bruell loaned his campaign $5,000, while taking in $23,104. He previously had $12,856.

Erskine Oglesby, current City Council member, received $1,600 each from West End Properties and Aerisyn Opportunity Zone. He received $500 from Ruby Falls and from Frances McDonald. His total was $9,050.

Andrew McLaren reported $1,600 in receipts.

Wade Hinton received $500 from Scott Holcomb, $1,600 from Andrew Kean, $1,000 from Brent Hinson, $1,600 from Michael Hanretta, $500 from Stefanie Crowe, $500 from Stephen Culp, $1,000 from Heather Ancrum, $500 from Elizabeth Ahmed, $1,600 from Dede Engsberg, $500 from David Elliott, $1,600 from Althea Jones, $500 from Martin Trimiew, $500 from Moses Freeman, $1,600 from Melvin Malone, $500 from Stephen Young, $500 from Lucy Lang, $1,600 from Bill Aiken, $1,600 from Ann Aiken, $500 from Frank Williamson, $500 from Alex Jahangir, $1,600 from Grabriel Franceschi, $1,000 from Travis Lytle, $1,200 from Tom Quillen, $500 from Mykal Fraser, $1,600 from John Adams, $800 from Amos Raymond, $500 from Franklin Alford, $1,000 from Harshad Shah, $1,600 from Marcus Shaw, $1,000 from Montego Glover, $1,600 from Todd Presnell, $500 from Darian Paris, $500 from Walter Few, $500 from Leah Gerbitz, $1,600 from Annette Adams, $1,500 from Rick Hitchcock, $1,500 from Alice Smith, $1,000 from Tracy Dozier, $500 from Aaron Webb, $1,600 from Robert Mills, $850 from Andrea Hardaway, $1,600 from Olan Mills, II, $1,600 from Alison Lebovitz, $1,600 from Kristina Montague, $1,600 from Robbie Matlock, $700 from Jana Eichel, $500 from Marquis Dotson, Jr. $500 from Jennifer Harper, $1,000 from Dana Bolden, $1,600 from Tom Lee, $2,500 from Unum Pac, $1,000 from Jim Logan, $500 from Tom Montague, $1,000 from Londie Price, $1,000 from Jimar Sanders, $500 from Anne Bright, $500 from Tim Gibbons, $1,600 from Brian Eftink, $500 from Sandra Wade, $500 from 1010 Market GP, $1,600 from David Geanacopoulous, $1,600 from Daphne Geanacopoulous, $1,600 from Susan Street, $1,000 from Stacy Lightfoot, $500 from John Golding, $1,600 from Mike Aiken, $500 from Moses Freeman Jr., $500 from Emily O'Donnell, $600 from Shannon Ancrum, $1,600 from Griffin Myers, $500 from Russell Gray, $500 from Todd Levin, $1,000 from Crystal Wagar, $1,600 from Paul Neely, $500 from Donna Williams, $1,000 from Kirk Wagar, $1,000 from Richard McKenney, $500 from Bill and Bess Steverson, $500 from Sheldon Johnson, $500 from Jacqueline Sabec, $1,600 from Dale Allen, $1,000 from Katharine Caldwell, $500 from Leroy Keith, $500 from Stanley King, $500 from Howard Greenstone, $500 from Michael Simmonds, $1,600 from Theron Jones, $500 from Edward Stanton, $500 from Dwayne Marshall, $1,600 from Charles Respert, $1,000 from Cindy Kean, $1,000 from Women's Health Services Chattanooga PC, $500 from Ben Arnon, $750 from Andrea Perry, $1,500 from Kevin Christopher, $1,000 from Sacha Bone, $500 from Stevie Persinger, and $500 from John Golding. Mr. Hinton gave $2,600 to his own campaign. 

Top contributors to Kim White's campaign included Maddin Corey, Allen Corey, Robert Bullard, Chris Crimmins, Parul Patel, Mitch Patel, Steve Hunt, Ricky Moore, Emily McGauley, Matt McGauley, Nicholas Cornelison, Donnie Hutcherson, Bill Oehmig, Alice Oehmig, Virginia Sharber, Carla Morgan, McCall Morgan, Bubba Morgan, Hugh Sharber, Billy Woodall, Rodney Simmons, Brett Rousch, Scott Leroy, James Cheney, Becky Smartt-McDonald, Fidelity Trust Company, McGauley Holdings, 720 Partners, LLC, Papa Properties, David Delaney Jr., Mary Kilbride, Harshad Shah, Jeff Londis, Robin Smith, David Watson, Debbie Watson, Mick Macco, Amy Walden, Mike Walden, Mick Decosimo, June Scobee-Rodgers, Russell Friberg, Jenny Hullander, Craig Holley, James Haley, Senator Bo Watson ($3,200), Roe Elam, Rachel Hunter, Claire Smith, Zan Guerry, The Beach Company, RSS Insurance, Dina Martin, Brad Martin, Roger Smith, James Steffner, Jo Ann Yates ($2,000), Bob Bosworth, Healy and Company, Rusty McKee, Julia Guerry, Gusto TN Maryville, JKCS Holdings, Hutton Indian Land, Hutton Pooler Outlets, Dexter White, Ashley Macco, Rowan Summit LLC, Emerson Russell, Bill Kilbride, MAU AP, ASA PAC ($4,000), Sai Development Group, Adam Boeselager, Lyndsey Boeselager,  Financial Corp of North Georgia, Brad Rymer, Shivesh LLC, Hamilton Classics, Charles Zeiser, Mike Aiken, George Bock, Jamy Bock, Pat Neuhoff, Thomas Collins, Mike Doubleday, Peak Point Properties, R&D Properties, Billy Ramsey, Kathy Sok, WJB Properties, L. Caldwell, James Pratt, Chattanooga AGC, John Clark, Aaron Smith, Nancy Jolley, Charles and Dana Perry, Sam Campbell, Christopher McKee, NONODECS GP ($2,000), Terry McElveen, Real Estate Partners, Lisa Frost, Steve Frost, Sharon Pryse, Ryan Thornton, John Thornton, Eileen Thonrton, Dori Waller, Blake Waller, Rex Allen, Johnny Thornton, Katie Thornton, Diana McElveen, Helen Pregulman, Aaron White, Alnoor Dhanani, Ann Howard, Zach Hurst, Albert Waterhouse, Ryan Allen, Kurt Faires, Regina Keller, Glenn Morris, Suzanne Morris, Derek McElven, Dustin Higdon, Anna Smartt, Larry Parks, Russell Elliott, Bob Martino, Rilda Marler, Doyle Marler, Grace Construction Consultants, Frances Hudson, Georgia O'Brien, Johnny O'Brien, Chris Curtis, Wolftever Management, Karen Hutton, Glenn Sutherland, Terri Holley, Frederick Howalt, Cynthia Howalt, Lindsay Moore, Amy Miles, Alexis Bogo, Krista Eubanks, Dhaval Patel, Mike Berry, Julie Berry, Gary Chazen, Judy Hudson, BOGOHOME LLC, Harish Manyam, Allen McCallie, Robert Emerson, Joe Johnson, James Frost, Beverly Frost, Chris Thomas, Darlene Brown, Eugene Schimpf III, Byron DeFoor, Susan DeFoor, Steve Dillard, Bradley Mard, Lewis Card, Becky Card, West End Property, West End Property II, Ragan Smith Associates, Aerisyn Opportunity Zone, Bill Rhodes, Wesley Welborn, Ken DeFoor, Judy DeFoor, Greg Vital, Robert Mason, Jason Farmer, Gary Wilt, Ann Farmer, Barry Payne, Lynda Sattler, Jim Sattler, Susan Haslam, Stephen Wright, Wise Properties Management, Michael Greer, Philip Burns, Steven Austin, Hiren Desai, Rogers Commercial Properties, Todd Moreland, Erica Moreland, Strolling Bones Records, Fontaine Family, Billy Hudson, Selwin Abraham, Canyons LLC, Paula McDaniel Group, Henry Glascock, Charles Cofield, ASA PAC ($2,500), Gabriel Thomas, Charles Arant, Danny Daniel, Sarah McKenzie, Thorpe McKenzie, Royce Corneliason, Franklin Farrow, Tommy Austin, LaDell Moffat, Joe Decosimo, Anthony Leach, Donnie Smith, J. Brooks, Misa Ankar, William Haisten, Doug Brown, Revival Home, Rob Huffaker, Tripp Farmer, David Patten, Christopher Young, John Zeiser, Amy Donahue, Cam Doody, Sam Baker, Ronald Barnes, Courtney Cobb, Vic Desai, Hixson Pike Partners, James Ford, DeWayne McCamish, Stephen Monroe, Riverport Opportunity Business, Nelson Bowers, Jon Kinsey, TMAH Limited, Ryan May, Southeast Contracting, Roger Talley, TJ Hunt Trucking, Todd Watson, Ann Caldwell, Kyle Bryant, Mark Caldwell, Crescent Home Design, Kristy Cawood, Betsy Ranalli, Theresa Sharp, Missy Talley, Clint Wolford, Allen Carter, Tara Carter, Karl Fillauer, Michael Fillauer, Dane Bradshaw, Julia Bradshaw, David Smith, William Matthews, John Bode, Mike McGauley, BFNC Partners, Bena Devaney, Linda Brock, Frank Fowler and Cindy Lee. Ms. White gave $1,600 to her campaign, as did her husband, Joe Dan White.

Tim Kelly contributions:

Margaret Jan Signal Mountain $500 
Adelaide Naumann Lookout Mountain $100
Southport Capital Chattanooga $1,500
Sujata Singh Chattanooga $700
Bill Hartley Lookout Mountain $300
Therese Tuley Chattanooga $300
Matthew Lyle Chattanooga $100
Tammie Fowlkes Chattanooga $100
Teresa Franklin Chattanooga $1,000
Chattanooga AGC PAC Chattanooga $1,000
Patti Frierson Chattanooga $250
Rachel Rutledge Chattanooga $200
Kathryn Outlaw Chattanooga $100
Greg Laudeman Chattanooga $100
Ellen Yates Chattanooga $50
Susan Rich Chattanooga $1,600
Nic Cornelison Flat Rock $1,600
James Pratt Signal Mountain $1,600
J. Monique Pauley Chattanooga $100
Carolyn Schaerer Chattanooga $300
Karen Ziv Chattanooga $255
Karim Jooma ooltewah $500
Sarah "Sally" Faulkner Lookout Mountain $250
Thomas Faulkner Lookout Mountain $1,000
Lisa Crowder Signal Mountain $250
Bob Elliott Chattanooga $100
Cara Alday Chattanooga $150
Lee Browne Chattanooga $500
Barry Bogo Chattanooga $250
Benjamin Brown Lookout Mountain $500
Nancy Hayes Chattanooga $100
Carl and Paula Henderson Chattanooga $600
Galen Riley Chattanooga $100
Ellis Smith Chattanooga $210
Ronald Harr Chattanooga $100
Linda Andrae Chattanooga $100
Stephen Johnson Chattanooga $500
Cam Doody Lookout Mountain $1,600
Billy Parker Lookout Mountain $1,600
Margaret Parker Lookout Mountain $1,600
Justin Calvert Chattanooga $250
Sarah Bowman Memphis $500
Baker Brock Chattanooga $100
Joda Thongnopnua Chattanooga $100
Bennett Hagaman Chattanooga $250
Jelena Butler Chattanooga $250
Joe DiNicolantonia Chattanooga $100
Daniel Malone Chattanooga $100
Mike Davis Chattanooga $1,000
Ellen Brooks Lookout Mountain $100
Michael Love Lookout Mountain $100
Barry Large Chattanooga $1,600
Marylee Large Chattanooga $1,600
Robert Mynatt Lookout Mountain $100
Tommy Bowen Chattanooga $1,600
Frederick Enstrom Lakewood $250
Bradford Watkins Atlanta $250
Benjamin Waldorf Signal Mountain $300
Sandy Pursley Ringgold $100
Wade Graham Los Angeles $100
Compliance Envirosystems Baton Rouge $1,500
Jerry Lackey Chattanooga $100
Curt Robinson Lookout Mountain $100 
Stephen Birger Cleveland $100
Steve Marlin Chattanooga $1,000
George Parker Chattanooga $300 
Timothy Cabot Cambridge $250
Stuart Wasilowski Chattanooga $100
Allison Cromie Chattanooga $500
Les Lee Chattanooga $1,600
Cheryl Allen Chattanooga $1,000
Rex Allen Chattanooga $1,000
Scott Wilson Chattanooga $500
Caleb Stambuagh Chattanooga $100
Ryan Allen Chattanooga $1,000
Aon Miller Chattanooga $250
John and Sara Kerns Chattanooga $1,000
Jenny Hill Chattanooga $100
Charlie Brock Chattanooga $1,000
Shirley Pond Chattanooga $100
Two Cleaning Chics Chattanooga $100
Chris Young Chattanooga $1,000
Edward Wade Kennesaw $350
Gary Ivey Chattanooga $1,600
Michael Herman Chattanooga $250
Chris Curtis Chattanooga $1,000
Adam Kinsey Chattanooga $100
Chris Wang chattanooga $100
Jeanine Baskin Chattanooga $100
BettyeLynn Smith Chattanooga $100
Ruby Falls, LLC Chattanooga $500
Daryl Heald Lookout Mountain $250
Dolores Okeefe Chattanooga $150
Jennie Gentry Chattanooga $50 
Gabriel Thomas Chattanooga $1,600
Tricia Mims Chattanooga $205
Nicole Kelly Chattanooga $250 
Frank McDonald Chattanooga $100
Rebecca Styles Dunlap $100
Roger Pickett Cleveland $300 
Michael Pollock Rising Fawn $500
Becky Pope Signal Mtn $300
Steve Greenfield Atlanta $200 
Jason Lamar Howard Hixson $1,000
Christopher Poole Chattanooga $250 
Stephen Culp Chattanooga $750 
Barbara Bowen Chattanooga $100 
Kathy Boehm Chattanooga $1,600 
Kevin Boehm Chattanooga $1,600
Lisa Pinckney Chattanooga $300
Gina Sakich Ringgold $500
Colin Williams Chattanooga $100
George Tollett Lookout Mt $100
Nilesh Patel Signal Mountain $150
Coughlin Cooper Signal Mountain $200
Paul Mallchok Chattanooga $100
James Burke Edenton $100
Henry Franklin Chattanooga $1,000
Mayme Baker Greenville $1,000
John Brennan Chattanooga $100
Samuel Zachary Cooper Chattanooga $100
Graham Burns Lookout Mountain $200 
Michael Brady Chattanooga $100
Darrin Bauer Frankfort $250
Brewster Yates Flintstone $250
Travis Lytle Chattanooga $250
Jay Kaley Hixson $100
Mark Degler Chattanooga $500
John Gore Lebanon $100
Peter Romano Nashville $150
Thomas Austin Chattanooga $250
Andy Perez Signal Mountain $250
Ted Herget Jonesboro $250
Elizabeth Welch Walden $105
Keith Eischeid Signal Mountain $200
Gregory Willett Ringgold $600 
JB Moss Lookout Mountain $500
Brent Goldberg Chattanooga $625
Celeste Neville Chattanooga $500
Travis Hutchinson Signal Mountain $500 
April Goebeler Chattanooga $1,000
Oscar Brock Chattanooga $125
Justin Hosie Chattanooga $100
Janie Parker Chattanooga $500
Robert Outlaw Chattanooga $100 
Clay Watson Chattanooga $1,600 
Barbara Standefer Chattanooga $250
Lowell Poteet Chickamauga $500
Michael Falk Madison $500
Chad Walldorf Sullivans Island $500
Rachel Hanson Chattanooga $140
RP Homes LLC Chattanooga $1,600
Kristi Brown Signal Mountain $150
Richard Causby Alpharetta $1,600
Megan Shinn Chattanooga $100
James & Stephanie Hudson Chattanooga $2,500
Edna Varner Chattanooga $100
Donna Killian Chattanooga $250
William Collier Chattanooga $100
Charles Pruett Signal Mountain $1,600 
Julie Clark Rising Fawn $250
Phil Harris Chattanooga $500 
Robert Philyaw Signal Mountain $250 
Kathy Lennon Chattanooga $100 
Donnie Hutcherson Chattanooga $1,000 
Don Aho Signal Mountain $2,000
Robin Derryberry Chattanooga $1,000
Kevin Remaly Carbondale $100
Bubba Sloan Marietta $500
Coca-Cola Bottling Co. United, Inc. Birmingham $500
Rebecca Collins Flowery Branch $350
Victoria Berghel Chattanooga $150
Kristine Whorton Chattanooga $100
Randy Whorton Chattanooga $255 
Shannon Brown Chattanooga $800 
Ernest Pursley Ringgold $100
Eddie Grant Chattanooga $250 
Dan Pratt Chattanooga $1,000
AMP Energy LLC Flat Rock $500 
Laurie Jones Ringgold $100
David Jones Ringgold $100 
L Thomas Montague Chattanooga $500 
Jason Provonsha Signal Mountain $500 
Danna Bailey Chattanooga $250 
David Brock Chattanooga $500 
Leah Golden Chattanooga $100 
Milou Young Signal Mountain $100 
Dorothy Engsberg chattanooga $1,600 
James Farmer Chattanooga $100
Jeff Brakebill Chattanooga $1,000 
Lucia Hopper Lookout Mountain $1,600 
Daniel Kueter Chattanooga $100
Melanie Blake Signal Mountain $105 
John Beard Chattanooga $500
Carl Shiles Chattanooga $1,250 
Gordon Davenport Lookout Mountain $500
Sharon Leath Chattanooga $100
Ronnie Pate Chattanooga $100 
Courtney Cash Hixson $100
Mark Schmissrauter Chattanooga $1,600 
Jonnie Anderson Nashville $100
Terry Olsen Chattanooga $300 
Virgil Bowen Chattanooga $100
Jason and Jamie Rehm Chattanooga $500 
Robin Crump Chattanooga $1,600 
Michael Emerling Chattanooga $1,000 
Jamaine Akins Harrison $250
Shelly Killian Signal Mountain $100 
Kristin Cobb Hixson $300
James (Jay) Robinson Chattanooga $1,600
Alison Robinson Chattanooga $1,600
William Crunk Chattanooga $100
Dr. Argil Wheelock Lookout Mountain $500
Wilson Meads Chattanooga $250 
Kelli Crewe Chattanooga $100 
James Thurman Signal Mountain $100 
John Rutter Ooltewah $100 
Paul Campbell Chattanooga $250 
Gautam Sethi Castle Rock $100 
Nelson Long Signal Mountain $1,000 
Cheryl Millsaps Hixson $100 
Dale Deason McDonald $1,600 
Carol Deason McDonald $1,600 
Mark Swafford Chattanooga $250
McCracken Posten Ringgold $1,000 
Kimberly Gavin Chattanooga $500 
Ernest Dempsey Chattanooga $100 
Eighth Street Partners, GP Chattanooga $1,700 
Russell Carter Jonesboro $250
Garrison Martin Lookout Mountain $100 
Harriett Whitaker Chattanooga $250 
Jennifer Nicely Chattanooga $100
Alfred Odister Chattanooga $800 
Carla Pritchard Chattanooga $100 
David Flanagan Cuyahoga Falls $100 
Melonie Dalson Chattanooga $100 
Sparta Motorsports, LLC Chattanooga $100 
Kelly Arnold Chattanooga $500 
Erik Jannerbo Chattanooga $250 
Ginny Kelly Chattanooga $600 
Marco Perez Signal Mountain $110
Michael Harrell Chattanooga $100 
Mike Holtzhower Soddy Daisy $500 
Owen Seaton Chattanooga $250 
Krissa Barclay Ooltewah $100 
Maverick Development Group Inc Ooltewah $1,600 
Rick Johnson Chattanooga $100 
Two Mile Post Productions Chattanooga $100 
Jeff Jennings Signal Mountain $250
Leah Meulemans Signal Mountain $150
Bassam Issa Ooltewah $1,000 
Rodney Hill Ooltewah $250 
Michael Corley Chattanooga $500
Erica Moreland Chattanooga $1,600 
Todd Moreland Chattanooga $1,600 
Mitchell Cobb Lookout Mountain $100 
Chip Baker Chattanooga $500 
Pryor Bacon Chattanooga $1,500 
Bell Homebuilders, LLC Chattanooga $1,600 
Bill Reason Chattanooga $500 
John Wise Chattanooga $1,000 
John Sawyer Chattanooga $250 
Tobe Karrh Swainsboro $250 
Douglas Hoyt Saint Marks $200 
George Pugh Portland $250 
Davis Grizzard Rome $1,600
Mike Robinson Chattanooga $500 
Bradley Cobb Lookout Mtn $500 

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