Many Colorful Flags

  • Sunday, October 2, 2022

Since the first UN conference on climate change in 1995 in Berlin, Germany, each of their annual global warming brouhahas have been held in major cities of the world, that is except the capitals of three of the world’s biggest polluters-Beijing, New Delhi and Moscow. The next one is in November in Egypt.

That should be a clue as to how many sacrifices and reductions the so-called Paris Accords impose that China, India and Russia are willing to actually enact. According to the BBC (Reality Check: how much do countries spend on the climate fund? 6/2/17), the US commitment alone was $3 billion to the Green Climate Fund. India and China did not put forward any cash to the fund.

Another such conference was the America’s Summit. It was pitched as bringing together these many great leaders to help tackle the root causes of migration (NBC News, Carmen Sesin, 6/7/22). The presidents of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, where the majority of illegal migrants to the US originate were no-shows. The president of Mexico, the nation whose border with the US is main entry point was also too busy to come.

At that summit, alleged Border Czar Harris, the jovial VP, pledged $3.2 billion in corporate pledges to help “stem the tide of migration.” She said $150 million was from The Gap Clothing Store to increase materials sourced from the region. She also said the credit card company, VISA, was donating $270 million (NBC, Carmen Sesin). How do they pay for that and has it had any effect on illegal migration?

These gatherings cost millions to stage, feed and provide security for the participants, millions to fly them back and forth dumping tons of carbons into the atmosphere and what do that have to show for all of it? They have a real classy looking photo of the attendees often in front of many colorful flags.

Ralph Miller

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