City of Chattanooga Park Stewards Program Offers Weed Wrangle Event On March 5

  • Friday, February 18, 2022

City of Chattanooga Park Stewards Program announced its participation in the eighth annual Weed Wrangle on Saturday, March 5.

This event focuses on the improving the biodiversity of vast public spaces by eliminating harmful plant species.

According to the Tennessee Agriculture website, “An invasive species is a plant or animal that is not native to our state and has a tendency to spread, which may cause damage to the environment, to the economy, or to human health.

Some newly introduced species have few natural controls to keep their growth in check. Some can be eradicated at great expense, others can only be controlled.” -

In its effort to preserve the biodiversity of our natural areas, Chattanooga City Parks aims to manage the spread of invasive plant species. Officials said, "Often improving our parks is a group activity with volunteers who gain from learning how to encourage native plant growth and foster healthy ecosystems by eliminating harmful species.

A one-day, citywide, volunteer effort to improve our public parks and green spaces through the removal of especially harmful trees, vines and shrubs will be offered on March 5, at eight publicly-accessible spaces across Chattanooga and other targeted areas are participating in this effort.

For meeting points and to register, visit: or

Invasive/exotic plants and the pests associated with them degrade woodlands, threaten wildlife habitat, increase the risk of wildfire and alter the appearance of public spaces, including those set aside for the enjoyment and recreation of all Chattanooga residents.
Without decisive intervention, these plants will continue to adversely impact our city’s ecosystem resources and services.

Volunteers will join forces with parks and public spaces staff and landscaping experts to learn plant identification and eradication methods.

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