Fenix24 Launches Fast, Intelligent Disaster Recovery Service To Battle Cyber-Terrorism

  • Thursday, May 12, 2022

Foreign nations and criminal gangs are attacking the nation’s infrastructure, hospitals, and schools. Using soft, generic terms like “threat actors” and “attack surface” to describe these events makes us numb to the growing threat, said officials with Fenix24.

In response to the increasingly dangerous landscape, Conversant Group is officially launching a sister company, Fenix24, focused exclusively on providing disaster recovery services. Fenix24 is a dedicated army that helps victims fight this cyberwar and regain control of their systems from the enemy.

Through Conversant Group’s years of success at providing disaster recovery services, Fenix24 is already recognized as an industry leader that works closely with many incident response leaders including insurance carriers, forensics firms, and breach counselors. Fenix24 has demonstrated success by achieving full restoration on average 53-57 percent faster than competitors, saving carriers and companies tens of millions of dollars.

"Fenix24 team members approach each incident as a mission. They are experienced in restoring networks and focused on the speed of the recovery,” said Mark Grazman, co-founder of Fenix24 and President of Conversant Group. “Fenix24 ensures timely and effective resolution of critical systems and leaves customers more secure than when they started working with us.”

In addition to Mr. Grazman, the founding team of Fenix24 includes John Anthony Smith, Brandon Williams and Heath Renfrow, all of whom are part of the leadership team at Conversant Group.

According to Sophos’ State of Ransomware 2021 report, the cost of an attack more than doubled from $760,000 in 2020 to $1.85 million in 2021 and complex recovery processes are a key factor to the soaring price. Time is money in disaster recovery and an in-house IT team deploying tools on their own can be cumbersome and cost victims six-figure sums on top of whatever they’ve lost in the breach they just suffered, said officials. 

The teams are coordinated thanks to logistics commanders who work in lockstep with breach counselors and partners the company has formed deep relationships with, such as Palo Alto and Crowdstrike.

"We deploy our paratroopers within 30 minutes after engagement. Swift action—including deploying forensics tools, rebuilding remote access, identifying key infrastructure, and re-establishing corporate communications like email—begins immediately, Fenix24 acts with urgency because we know every minute counts when it comes to a victim’s bottom line. Our dedicated technical captains provide regular progress updates, so customers always know what’s happening

To learn more, visit fenix24.com.

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