She's Back

  • Friday, September 23, 2022

Hillary is back in front of the public with her latest venture being an Apple TV series called “Gutsy.” It features Hillary and daughter Chelsea talking about “pioneering” women fighting for change. She’s yet to include a biologist defining what a woman is, however.

She did see the need to record the series on film in case she broke into one of her coughing fits like she has so often in the past: 5/20/07; 2/5/08; 2/25/08; 3/4/08; 3/28/08; 6/2/08; 6/10/12; 10/22/15 (the Benghazi committee). Then there was: 1/25/16; 2/16/16; 2/18/16; 3/6/16; 3/12/16; 4/18/16; 5/5/16; 6/4/16; 6/27/16; 7/21/16; 8/31/16; 9/5/16; 9/30/16; 10/3/16; 10/25/16 and 11/5/16. Her post election fits: 5/1726/17; 9/1817; 2/9/18 and after a long absence, she had one on the Rachel Maddow TV show 11/24/21, so intense she could only wave farewell to the camera as she ended her interview.

James Hamblen wrote a piece in The Atlantic (9/6/16) entitled, “A coughing spell is fueling right wing attempts to portray the candidate (Hillary) as weak and frail. Her history suggests otherwise.” Twenty-eight documented spells, some so intense as to end the event, rendered this piece a silly joke and that should be of great concern to Americans.

She’s just surfaced again like a denizen of the deep from a Robert Benchley novel. At the Texas Tribune Festival, appearing as in her failed speaking tour of 2018, stuffed in a big puffy chair she was prattling on about Trump. This time she was also breaking Godwin’s law by obsessing about Nazis. Madame Secretary should stick to the filmed version of herself hiding her hacking, tumbles and Naziphobia from an unsuspecting public.

Ralph Miller

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