Jerry Summers: Cincinnati Choo Choo City Comparison No. 2

  • Friday, December 1, 2023

Although Choo Choo City could be described as the little brother to the above locale on the Ohio River local on the Ohio River local marketer and public officials have chosen to market the local base as the “next Nashville, Atlanta, Austin.”

In a prior article ( we presented a program of comparative analysis of the two.

In this follow up article we will present a potential projection of other potential favorable (?) development matters to benefit readers’ grandchildren, great grandchildren, etc.

The Scenic City has always projected an image of beautiful mountains flush with greenery, rural farm land that allows wildlife to survive outside the boundaries of inner cities and anti-annexation municipalities.

Two unidentified citizens have related a buck on Signal Mountain and a doe and two fawns on Missionary Ridge crossed in front of their automobiles.

Squirrels, quail, pheasants, etc. have all been reported as being part of the natural habitat even if not protected in areas such as Reflection Riding and the Lookout Mountain Land Trust and other conservation organizations.

Tourist land selling profiteers make claims of building more parks and greenways which further diminish the appearance of the landscape in our bowl shaped terrain (in Cincinnati they call it “crescent shaped”).

Two recent local events as well as the building history of the big brother on the Ohio River vividly demonstrates what the future may hold if the uncontrolled growth is allowed to continue with the approval of a politician and developer friendly government authority that seems committed to creating “whiteways” rather than preserving nature’s “greenways” under the banner of helping a select few at the expense of the vast majority of citizens.

The prestigious all male preparatory school at the base of the November 25, 1863 bashing of Braggs’ brigades etc. has recently proudly announced the construction and dedication of 16 faculty townhouses built into the side of said terrain that can be viewed from any tourist or motorist travelling east on McCallie on Bailey Avenues. The issue of whether the spectacular view of downtown overrides the developing “elephants nose under the tent” theory by unidentified complainers is left to readers.

The political appointed top dog of the other 14 forward thinking political appointees has recently convinced the Gig City municipal council to eliminate more green space that was incorrectly represented to be at the base of the aforementioned battle site on Dodd’s Avenue (another traffic snarl solution location).

This can best be described as a “second elephant also getting its nose under the second greenway tent” test.

Now back to Cincinnati, “The City of Seven Hills” has often been named in certain periods of growth of the Second Hamilton County.

A prime example of what could face future generations is the uncontrolled construction on several of those hills that might make it difficult or impossible to ever reclaim the use of the moniker “Scenic City”.

(It should be pointed out that ‘Cincy’ has become a “sanctuary city in law enforcement” but that potential designation has not yet emerged from the creative progressive minds of any political leader!)

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