Don't Reduce Traffic Lanes, Enforce Speed Limits On Frazier

  • Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Like everyone in Chattanooga I was horrified by the terrible accident on Frazier Avenue last Saturday and have for years been concerned with the traffic problems associated with the area. Changes need to be made to slow the vehicle speed from Veteran’s bridge through Cherokee Boulevard. 

I do hope there will not be a knee jerk reaction by simply reducing the street to bike lanes, two traffic lanes and a turn lane. 

My reasoning is this, reducing traffic lanes on Frazier Avenue will simply divert traffic to River Street through Coolidge Park, creating even more pedestrian risk.

Living at the Riviera Villas on River Street I see this every day, especially with afternoon GPS traffic trying to access Manufacturers Road to get on I-27. It’s a simple route that avoids all five traffic lights. It was especially bad the last time there were lane closures on Frazier. 

Again, since the reopening of the Walnut Street bridge, I’ve been concerned with and promoted traffic speed control and safety on Frazier. But, by simply reducing the number of traffic lanes another huge, unintended problem will be created. 

Bill Hall

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