An Emergency Room Run With Military Efficiency - And Response

  • Saturday, March 18, 2023
I had the occasion to visit the Erlanger Hamilton Place Emergency Room Saturday.


That place was run with military efficiency. Congratulations to all those working in that area and thanks for the special treatment.

Ernie McCarson


* * * 

I have been through several emergency rooms in Chattanooga over the last 50+ years. Recently, My vote for the best goes to Erlanger East on Gunbarrel Road. I have had to care for my wife for the last six years, and have taken her there many times. They were always kind and efficient. She has passed on now, but their kindness and efficiency have not been forgotten. I have also been there myself more than once.

I just recently experienced a medical emergency and asked to be taken there. This one was life-threatening for me, but I didn't know it. They took care of me, stabilized me, transferred me to the main campus downtown, treated me surgically, and discharged me a few days later.

This is still my first choice if I am anywhere close to this facility.

John L. Odom


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