Best Of Grizzard - Dogfighting

  • Friday, March 24, 2023
  • Jerry Summers

While the subject of killing candidates for a popular fried chicken establishment on M.L. King Boulevard (and other locales) has been discussed on other occasions (Cockfighting published 10/28/20 and 1/5/23), the equally gruesome topic of “Dogfighting” was never written about in Lewis Grizzard’s (LG) 25 books and hundreds of articles in 450 newspapers.

His love and affection for a multitude of four legged friends (and companions) was demonstrated fully during his 47 years of life:

1.) “Your dog won’t bring chicken noodle soup when you’re sick, but neither would your last wife, who probably joined a cult of women who worship Cher;

2.) I honestly think women’s liberation has had a lot to do with men simply saying to themselves, “I don’t need this crap. I’m never going to find anybody to treat me like Mama did, so I’ll just give up and find me a good dog”;

3.) I just want to make enough money to send my dog to school so he can learn to read;

4.) For all my faults, I love my dog. Heaven’s got to be at least a little impressed by that.”

Based on the above sentiments expressed by L.G. on his sentimentality towards his furry friends he would probably be an avid supporter of the proposed legislation filed recently in the Georgia State Senate that adds the criminal offense of “dogfighting” to the list of crimes that constitutes as a felony under the Peach States’ racketeering and organized crime (RICO) statute.

With Lieutenant Governor Burt Jones supporting the bill that associates the crime with gang activity it is anticipated that satisfying the initial requirement of the commission of two or more dogfighting offenses will subject violators to heavy criminal and civil penalties.

Although the United States has exported the manufacture of many products and services to China and other parts of Asia, etc., Chattanoogans and Americans fortunately have not reciprocally adopted the inhumane practice of adding “Fido” to the culinary diet of the more barbaric nations of the world.

(One has to speculate as to what the Moreland, Georgia native and University of Georgia “Bulldog” would have to say on the topic?)

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Jerry Summers
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