Why I'm Leery Of Civilian Patrols

  • Saturday, June 3, 2023
I'm leery of civilian patrols. You should be, too.
Even in America, historically, civilian patrols have often proven to be even more dangerous and corrupt as criminals and rogue cops - committing everything from extortions, rapes, gang rapes, murders and extra-judicial killings. Necklacing, as recently seen in Haiti and previously known to be practiced in some undeveloped African countries, hasn't always been known to only those countries.
Although fairly much hidden from history, it was once used as a source of punishment in the U.S. too. 

Before embracing civilian patrols please read the August 2020 USA Today article on how civilian patrols can also go dark and turn rogue. 

By continuing to ignore history and pretending bad things never grew from perceived noble intentions, you continue to run right back smack into the very history you once had to fight like the dickens to escape.

Brenda Washington
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