Lee’s Able Wins TN Nurses Foundation Scholarship

  • Friday, September 22, 2023
  • Bethany Marsh, Lee University
Sarah Able
Sarah Able

Sarah Able, a nursing student at Lee University, received the Regional Educational Scholarship from the Tennessee Nurses Foundation for the East Tennessee region.

“Sarah was the perfect candidate for the Tennessee Nurses Foundation Educational Scholarship,” said Amy Blake, associate lecturer in nursing. “She has proved herself to be compassionate and meticulous in her studies. She is intentional with her time management and is assertive in making decisions when advocating for her patients and herself. She does not shy away from hard work and is eager to learn and apply.”

The Regional Educational Scholarship is awarded to an individual in each of the three regions in Tennessee (west, middle, and east) in the amount of $5,000.

"This scholarship means a lot to me because I greatly believe in the importance of continuing education and keeping up with current evidence-based practice through nursing associations,” said Ms. Able. “The scholarship will allow me to focus on my studies and clinical experiences without worrying about my educational expenses for the final year of my program. This assistance will help me achieve my goal of becoming a knowledgeable, compassionate oncology nurse who can make a positive impact on patients’ lives holistically and contribute to the nursing profession as a whole.”

The Tennessee Nurses Foundation is an organization, formed by the Tennessee Nurses Association, that advocates for nursing research and excellence. Their goals are to promote the professional image of nursing, support higher education, facilitate leadership development, encourage nursing research, and support professional health and wellness.

For more information about the Tennessee Nurses Foundation, visit https://www.tnurses.care/TNF.

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