What Ben Franklin Feared

  • Monday, March 4, 2024
What kind of government will the new United States have? Benjamin Franklin answered, “a republic, if we can keep it.” A handful of Democrat state officials tried to keep Donald Trump off the ballot within their jurisdiction until SCOTUS ruled unanimously their pretense was not applicable. It had been tried unsuccessfully with a few members of Congress recently, but failure won’t stop activists bent on destroying the republic. It also gains them a lot of tv time and probably helps them fundraise. 

The actions by a Cook County, IL judge says it all.
This judge, a Democrat who hears criminal and civil cases above $20, issued an order, “The Illinois State Board of Elections shall remove Donald J Trump from the ballot for the General Primary Election on March 9, 2024 or cause any votes for him to be suppressed” (BBC News 2/29/24). Democrats claim they are victims of voter suppression ever year, but here is a local Democrat judge so brazen as to order “votes for Donald Trump suppressed” (Forbes 2/29/24). 

By their unanimous ruling, the court stops this before Super Tuesday, but that won’t stop the March Madness by progressives.

When the court announced they would take up the issue of presidential immunity, talking heads on the leftist networks went ballistic. MSNBC’s Maddow, near hysteria, ranted about how if elected, Trump would never leave office. 

Attacks on the integrity of the court will likely rival attempts to bully “certain” members of the court over their decision on abortions.

Radicals are always ready to heed the call of anarchy driving us closer to what Dr. Franklin feared.

Ralph Miller
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