Winning Is The New Losing - And Response (4)

Sunday, October 7, 2018

My dad, a World War II veteran, used to say, “Both sides (GOP and Dems) want the same things, peace and prosperity. They just have different ways of getting there.” Until Trump I believed pretty much the same thing. Back then losing an election didn’t seem as dire. 

We are in a new era now, and while I hope it’s short-lived, we may have to realign our ideas to survive. Trumpism is about winning even if you must blow up the system to do it. For me and lots of others, this has spawned a philosophical crisis, and we have had to revisit an age-old argument - does the end justify the means? This was an easy dilemma when the left and the right had essentially the same goals. The end did not justify the means then, and winning was secondary to civility and a sense of fair play. When we win by cheating we are losing more than we gain.

The Kavanaugh hearings have split me in two. It’s been gut-wrenching and ugly. On the one hand, I opposed the nomination without reservation for a variety of reasons. On the other hand, I opposed the strategies of both sides in this debacle. Now, because of the extreme measures taken by the Republicans and the Democrats, the war is on. Kavanaugh’s wailed his battle cry in the hearings, “What goes around comes around.” Liberals and progressives are hoping that he’s right.

I’m still cheering for the Big Blue Wave in November, but I have no delusions that civility and decency will return immediately. With war cries and war paint on our faces we cannot appear friendly to the other side and invite compromise. Democracy requires at least a modicum of civility and good faith and those both seem impossible in the era of Trump. They are also not likely to emerge with older white men (like me) in charge. We may have wisdom for the ages, just not this one. It’s time for new leadership, including more young people, more women, and more diverse voices in government. It’s their turn and we must let go of the gearstick of power and trust them to navigate us out of this chaos we have created.

Tom Bissonette
Red Bank 

* * * 

Tom, I was with you until I came to your "older white men" comment and frankly didn't finish reading.  For nearly 12 years we have had the displeasure of being labeled racist for nothing more than disagreeing.  Everyone wants to throw eggs at the Trump administration and particularly at Trump because they feel that he's brought on disparity and "evil" amongst the American people.

I see it differently, during the past election cycle every poll had it wrong...every single one.  Why do you suppose that is?  Could it possibly be that those that were hung with the "racist" label were finally sick and tired and quietly decided to make a stand?  Could it possibly be that those in the silent majority perhaps knew more than what the liberals suspected?  It surely can't be possible for the conservative working men and women of this country could ever have a firm grasp of history, of where each party has stood regarding civil rights etc.  Oh no, that history is in the hands of those that fought for those rights, definitely not in the hands of those that actually voted for those same rights.  Please, give me a break.

Elijah Cummings is the latest bad actor in this national attempt to paint anyone other than a Democrat as a racist.  How anyone who played such a vital role in civil rights, who marched with Dr. King could suddenly get stupid regarding history is almost as large a mystery as how someone could be deemed guilty before the first witness is called.  The fact that Republicans voted over 82 percent in favor of the 1965 Voting Rights Act over the Dems 78 percent means nothing, didn't happen.  1869-1870 showed the Republicans leading a vote to ratify the 15th amendment with the final vote 39-15.  Can you guess what party the 39 was?  With this being history with a record that can be researched what would possess Cummings to tell the world that it was the Democrats that gave blacks the right to vote?  What's worse, an entire segment of our population believes him because of who he is, what he fought for and what his history is.  Shameful on his part. 

Tom, it would scare me to death of the 20-40 year olds of this country were suddenly in charge.  I've worked with them, I am working with them now.  For the most part it's all about smoke breaks, time off for whatever is the newest protest, folks with degrees in art history not wanting to get dirty working in a field they didn't go into debt for, folks who call constructive criticism badgering and run to a safe place with a stuffed bunny to calm down...yep, that's exactly who needs their fingers on the trigger.  What was once a pioneer based country able and willing to overcome any adversity in order to survive has turned into a cry baby land where frankly people with experience are scratching their heads wondering how these folks will survive if something truly dark happens here.  They can't survive the election of the President of the United States, how in God's name could they survive a power outage, a depression, a gas shortage...for that matter a dairy shortage?

Somewhere in my county is a white male, approximately 55 years old in jeopardy of allegations that were "awaken" when a lady who had been watching Dr. Ford's testimony "suddenly came to the realization that I too was assaulted and suffered the same fate".  This is where the progressives have driven this bus, straight to the edge of the cliff.  My fear?  The opposition has poured so much money into defeating a sitting President that we'll see another "patriot" come forward at a baseball practice, or a county fair, or a shopping mall intent on "saving the country" and you know who will be to blame?  Those that have attempted to re-write our history, tear down our statues, burn our flag, wear black masks and burn our schools only to disappear into the night.  It's coming, the hate in this country can be physically felt by those who have remained silent but are holding the line.  Those patriots will save America, but what is the cost?

Sue White 

* * *

Mr. Bissonette,

Your father was correct in his assessment of what needs to be done to keep America strong and great. However, in my opinion you are incorrect to state that " Trumpism is about winning even if you must blow up the system to do it." President Trump  has a strong character but puts things in order as a POTUS (Google it) should and not be a weakling like Obama

"When we win by cheating we are losing more than we gain."  Talk about cheating, just look at all the liberal Democrats and in the mirror. Does the First, Second, and our Constitution have any meaning because that is what the extremely well-funded Left is trying to destroy.  

Let the POTUS "Make America Great Again". Nut heads attack him constantly and anyone wearing a MAGA ballcap is also a target for "The Big Blue Wave" which is a acronym for a tsunami. Don't need or want anything liberal policies represent. Simply put, shear chaos. When have you seen well educated and intelligent conservatives causing damage, both physical and emotional, let me know. We intimidate the low class and don't do it by unnecessary violence, but follow God's words. Does funding abortions, blaming guns for murders, ANTIFA attacks, illegal aliens, sanctuary cities/states, threats from other dictators touting nuclear holocaust ring any bells?   

This statement is utopia and in the world we live in I personally agree with some of it; "It’s time for new leadership, including more young people, more women, and more diverse voices in government. It’s their turn and we must let go of the gear stick of power and trust them to navigate us out of this chaos we have created." I agree on new leadership, but the remainder of your statement is already in place and isn't working.

Too bad George Soros doesn't fund people in need instead of your "Blue Wave". 

Jack Varner

* * *

As an educated 55 year politically involved 76-year-old, I lived through the time when the left began to take over our courts, politics, and yes, our educational institutions. It began in 1962 when as a young boy I could no longer hear a prayer recited over the speaker at my school after a liberal controlled Supreme Court stuck its nose under the tent of our traditional Judeo Christian values as prescribed and left to us by our forefathers. (Fifty of the 55 men who signed our Declaration of Independence were professing Christians and 11 of the original states required a belief in Jesus Christ to hold public office). 

Since that sad day we have lived under this unconstitutional (mis)"interpretation" of The First Amendment, when that liberal Supreme Court in Justice Hugo Black's majority opinion misused and included language from a personal letter written by President Jefferson to the Danbury, Connecticut Baptists to create "abortion on demand from whole cloth".  In that letter, Jefferson was assuring these Baptists that he was not an atheist and that he believed in a "wall of separation" to protect the people from government interference in religion as they had lived under in England, not the other way around as was misstated by Blackmun in the majority opinion. The "free exercise" component of the First Amendment was ignored by Justice Black, as it is today, and liberals slowly began removing God from the public square from that sad day until now. Ironically most of our young people actually think that "Separation of Church and State" can be found in our Constitution or Amendments. 

In 1973 the same thing occurred when Justice Blackmun wrote the liberal majority opinion "creating a woman's right to privacy" out of whole cloth as well, in order to facilitate "abortion on demand". Nowhere in the 14th Amendment could any reasonable person find justification for his twisted opinion.  In fact legal scholars have for decades declared Roe as "bad law" and ripe for being overturned. 

After the past 60 years of a liberal Supreme Court control and shilling for Democrats and "creating laws" within the high court in violation of our Constitution, ("all laws shall originate in The Legislative Branch"), their greatest nightmare has arrived.  The Supreme Court is now in the hands of a right leaning "originalists" "textualists", conservative majority with the appointment of Justice Kavanaugh.  That is why the Democrats, led by pro-abortion obsessed Senator Diane Feinstein, waited until after the hearings to bring forward unsubstantiated allegations against Judge Kavanaugh to keep him off the bench, hoping to retake the Senate in the mid terms and stop the shift of power on the Supreme Court.

Well, as President Hussein Obama said, "Elections have consequences".  Now it appears conservatives and the right will control the Supreme Court for the next 40 plus years. The left, liberals, and Democrats will now have to legislate from the Congress, not the Supreme Court.  Fairness and the wishes of our founding fathers has once again been restored.

Bill Reesor

* * * 

Mr. Bissonette,  

Warm regards to you sir. You’ve attracted the local herd of criers for the wolf in charge. I have no fear this will not turn out well. Working class tax cuts will be made permanent, Medicare will be gone as we know it, Social Security will leave, gotta pay for those tax cuts, and the new 40 year Supreme Court will do what the house and Senate can’t, void laws that Congress won’t. And they'll use the Etch a Sketch shake to attempt to bring Medicare and Social Security back via supreme litigation. 

There’s a bunch of work ahead, it is a good time to be an attorney in America again, 2,400 and counting law school professors have a point there, plenty of laws to litigate and as long as you cleave to the far right everything will be fine. Just don’t get old and sick, the combination will be life ending.  And keep the fear of anyone and anything not like you with you, time is running out for the likes of scared old white people.

As for the 20 to 40 crowd, I am worried about them too, they actually run the nation’s business in our Capital, they manage and work hospitals and grocery stores and restaurants and big box stores. It is so difficult when I go to a big box finding someone else gray haired to ask for assistance, I sometimes leave due my fear of younger, more assertive people.  And to think I helped raise two of them, they make income, generate taxes, pay them, know lies when they hear them, get tired of hearing such absurd lies as now, and ask their candidates what are their plans for Social Security and Medicare. After all they have lives to live.   

Prentice Hicks

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