No More Excuses For Not Fixing Lookout Valley Football Field Facilities

  • Monday, January 28, 2019
The community of Lookout Valley has been promised on multiple occasions that the facilities at the football field were going to be updated, even as far as letting the parents, players, coaches, etc. know that these funds have been secured and it would be started at the completion of the 2018 season. Well, guess what? It's now January 2019, and we still have not even heard from our community leaders that this project was going to be started. The next excuse will be that we have waited too long to begin this project and we don't have time to complete it prior to the 2019 season beginning. 

We have had the same facilities for years/decades and these facilities are not handicap accessible.
Because of this parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. are unable to attend games as they are unable to get to the bathrooms whether because of the uneven ground, the hill to get up to the bathroom, or, if it rains, it makes it very difficult for the fans to get to the concession stand or other facilities. Even if they come to the games, they don't eat or drink in fear they would have to make the trek to the bathroom. I have seen this first hand with grandparents of mine who made it to my son's games. The bleachers or bathrooms do not have handicap ramps and make it very difficult for someone to get to them. We don't even have a concrete walkway to the concession stand/bathrooms.  

The football field is definitely not up to the handicap codes and it's very sad that fans and the community are unable to come to our events and enjoy their time with the sad fact that they can't access the facilities. 

At this point, I think someone needs to step up and do something and actually make good on these promises. I think at this point there are many parents, community members, grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc. that are going to have this same opinion. We have waited long enough and been promised way too many times just to be told yet again that they are waiting until next year. 

We don't want to hear any more excuses, we want to see physical change and things made better for our school/community/fans.
Jennifer Chandler


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