Randy Smith: Some Gift Ideas For Dad's Big Day

Tuesday, June 11, 2019 - by Randy Smith
Randy Smith
Randy Smith
I've already gotten my Father's Day gifts from my wife. She was very practical in her choice of new shorts, new shirts and a new swimsuit. My two children have always been more on the sentimental side. They will buy books, movie tickets or give me pictures of my grandchildren. Basically, my wife and kids always know what to get me. I have always loved what they get me for Father's Day and today I decided I would offer some suggestions for you to give your dad, and a few things -not- to give him.

You could take your dad out to dinner on Sunday. A trip to Beas would be good or maybe a good steakhouse.
Please avoid the Sushi places at all costs.

You could buy your dad a few tickets to a Lookouts or a Braves game. 

You could also get him a set of whiskey infused toothpicks, or whiskey infused cigars if he's a smoker.

Avoid buying your dad socks for Father's Day. Unless I'm wearing tennis shoes I go sock-less all summer. For me, the only thing I wear this time of year resembling a pair of socks are those ankle socks, which if you put them on, it looks like you're not wearing socks anyway.

Some good men's cologne makes a nice gift, but make sure it's a good cologne. I love to smell good, but there's nothing worse than an older man wearing cheap cologne.

Do not ever buy your dad a candle for Father's Day or any other time for that matter.

There is a cook book entitled, " The Big Bad Breakfast. The Most Important Book of the Day " by John Currence. This is a great gift suggestion.

There are a lot of " Game of Thrones " items out for Father's Day. There is " Game of Thrones Monopoly" and " Game of Thrones " shot glass. Since I am not a big fan of the former HBO series, this is not appealing to me.

There is also a " meat bouquet " you could buy your dad with salami instead of flowers. Personally I prefer baloney.

There is a place in California where you can purchase a personalized bobble-head doll with your father's likeness. It's costly, around $80 bucks but would be a nice Father's Day offering.

Don't buy your dad a BBQ apron with some tacky saying on it. I have never worn an apron while cooking burgers or steaks. Aprons are for your grandmother not your dad.

Here is a super idea for your dad. A brownie pan that only gives you brownie edges. That's a great idea unless your dad is a diabetic like me.  But just don't give him the pan, bake him some brownies in it then give it to him.

Stay away from buying insurance policies for Father's Day.  They may be practicable but not a good gift idea.    

Do not under any circumstance buy your dad a " Star Wars " Poster.

Some young fathers might like a matching tee shirt with their baby or toddler but it's not for the older fathers or grandfathers.

Also, refrain from buying tee shirts with stupid Father's Day slogans on it. I would rather have a nice polyester Hawaiian shirt.

Whatever you decide to buy your dad for Father's Day is fine. But be sure and spend time with him on Sunday. I promise you, that is more important than any gift. 
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Randy Smith can be reached at rsmithsports@epbfi.com

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