HCSO And Routine Traffic Stops - And Response (2)

Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Well, well, well looks like it took all of about three hours for Mr. Mitchell to revert back to his old ways after decrying his treatment by the HCSO at the local NAACP news conference.  Three hours later he is arrested by Marion County officers for possession of stolen property, felon in possession of a handgun, evading arrest and aggravated assault.  The latter apparently stemming from a previous charge having to do with his girlfriend.  Just imagine that.  

I have never been a cheerleader for Sheriff Hammond but if he is forced to resign or retire over what amounts to what should have been a routine (if there can be such a thing) traffic stop of a previously convicted felon, then our city and county is just that much closer to becoming what the liberal elite would like it to be.

Let's hope the Marion County justice system doesn't have the same liberal sob sister influence as we in Hamilton County apparently do.

And on a final note, perhaps our resident sob sister racist apologist, Ms. Washington, can relate to us yet another of her made up stories that she swears is true about one of her family members or friends who were arrested, let go and hours later arrested for the same charges by another agency.  But maybe that's one story she has forgotten about.

If anyone wonders if I could ever be the victim of such police brutality here's my assessment.  I do not smoke pot so there is no worry of an officer smelling it wafting from my car.  I own several handguns and I have at least one in each vehicle I drive.  But I am not prevented from doing so by being a convicted felon.  I do not conceal stolen property, I do not argue with the police and I do not assault women.

Seems pretty simple to me.

Dennis Wooden

* * * 

Fact 1, Dennis: I never said the relative was arrested. I said the relatives was stopped, and basically sexually assaulted during a pat down on the side of the road in Hixson when he and his family lived there. And that I will never forget the deputy's name. Same as all the others I remember. Some of which have now gone on to the happy hunting ground or, hopefully, that other place where they're subjected to the same maltreatment as the victims they victimized over their careers. You obviously have serious reading/comprehension issues. 

Fact 2, Dennis: The cops had none of that allege info about Mr. Mitchell during the stop. Either way, that's no excuse to strip a person down on the side of the road and allegedly digitally sexual assault them. Look, Dylan Roof was taken to a fast food joint after gunning down nine people at a South Carolina church. A private plane was sent to pick him up. Notice the difference in treatment?  

Fact 3, Dennis: If some of these cops weren't cops, they'd be sitting in a jail or prison cell with long, even life sentences or on death row even right next to some of the most violent criminals known. In fact, many have the same psychological make up as some of your more violent and hideous criminals. 

Fact 3, Dennis: I've never "made up" anything. People like you are just in denial. That is, until one day it happens to you personally or someone you know. 

Fact 4, Dennis: If you think all it takes is for you to be a good boy, with no criminal record, to avoid a sexual assault on the side of the road somewhere by some perverted cop, getting a brutal beat down or killed then you must live in la la land. It happens. 

'Nuf said, Dennis

Brenda Washington 

* * * 

How dare Dennis Wooden call out the sacred cows of the NAAPV (The National Association of Professional Victims) for supporting a local citizen who was arrested three hours later in Marion County for virtually the same crime the HCSO arrested him for. And Madame President even accused the local officers of rape. That hopefully will be a huge libel and slander suit. 

Well where was the NAAPV when the freshman basketball player at Ooltewah was raped? Oh I forgot, the rapists were black.

Where was the NAAPV when two 12-years-olds were shot the last night at Riverbend. Oh I forgot, the 14-year-old shooter was black. 

Where was the NAAPV when a 14 and 15-year-old shot into a house and killed somebody. Oh, I forgot the shooters were black.

Where is the NAAPV since someone shot through the door at a UTC residence and killed someone. Oh, I forgot the shooter(s) were black.

Where is the NAAPV when three out of every four babies in their community are born to a single mother?

Douglas Jones

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