WorkChaplain Launches In Chattanooga

Startup Will Provide Outsourced Spiritual Care To Businesses

  • Tuesday, August 13, 2019

WorkChaplain launched in Chattanooga on Tuesday and is a company that will partner with local businesses from small startups to major corporations. They will provide outsourced, on call chaplains/chief spiritual officers to businesses in the community. The chaplains will provide an all inclusive service and will be available 24/7/365 to care for employees of their partner businesses.

WorkChaplain is a wellness offering that will provide spiritual care to employees. The idea to impact Chattanooga businesses came from a vision and burden from Chattanooga native, Founder/CEO Jeremy Johnson. He saw a missing piece of the puzzle in benefits that companies offer employees. Most companies took care of the physical and mental needs of an employee but didn’t scratch the surface when it came to spiritual care. His belief was that if you took care of the spiritual needs of an employee, each company would have better, healthier employees and families.

He believes Chattanooga is the perfect city to start this venture. “Our mission is to transform workplaces into life-giving communities that transform lives, deepen relationships and ignite hope through compassionate chaplains," Said Mr. Johnson. "Our vision is simple, we believe Changed Lives Changes Businesses that Change the City.

“WorkChaplain has a desire to partner with businesses to truly invest and put a premium value on the spiritual wellness of their employees and their families. People spend more time at work than anywhere else. But just because they go to work doesn’t mean they leave their worries at home. We are living in a time, where people are in desperate need of hope. We believe as we meet this need and give hope to these employees, lives, families and businesses will be made better and the impact will be felt across the city.”

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