Women Are No Longer Demure, Silent - And Response (7)

Thursday, February 6, 2020

Once again, Roy Exum went on a diatribe regarding his feelings on how women should behave.  Women can act however they choose and his archaic notions on what is acceptable in society cannot and will not change that.  We were not put on this Earth to make men comfortable.

But while we are pontificating about “ladies and gentlemen” let’s point Mr. Exum’s high standard of behavior to the White House, since it is apparent that he never will.  Gentleman is defined as “a chivalrous, courteous, or honorable man.”  Is Trump chivalrous? Let’s ask his third (and current) wife, who is constantly left behind as Trump plods ahead of her, usually holding their only umbrella to keep him and only him dry.

How many times have we seen him exit a car without helping his wife?  Tut, tut, that’s certainly not very gentlemanly.

Is he courteous?  Shall we ask the Prime Minister of Montenegro who Trump roughly shoved out of his way at a NATO meeting in 2017, so that he could be in front of the group?  Or how about the people he’s tagged as “little” or “lyin’” or “low-energy?”  One only has to scroll his Twitter feed for 45 seconds to realize he is rude, shallow, and ill-mannered. He openly mocked a disabled reporter on national television.  I could certainly bring up his infamous conversation with Billy Bush, but his language in it was so ungentlemanly that The Chattanoogan probably cannot print it.

Is Trump honorable?  Shall we ask his wives? Or the women who have credibly accused him of sexual harassment?  Or if you’d rather, let’s ask the people who were victims of the “Trump University” fraud or the people who donated to the Donald J. Trump Foundation whose charity was funneled into use for Trump’s personal gain. Would they say he is honorable?

I understand that men of a certain age grew up with the expectations that women be demure, man-pleasing, and silent, but today’s “ladies” are confident, powerful, and independent.  We do not need nor want your approval, especially given the extreme double standard you perpetuate.

Jennifer Bethwell

* * *

So Roy suggests Pelosi is no longer this mythical dainty lady because she tore up a speech, but guys who giggle like grade school bullies on a playground and shout You Lie! while a president is giving a speech get a free pass and remain gentlemen? 

Roy, do you not recognize your own hypocrisy? 

Brenda Washington 

* * *

It’s distressing to hear people defend Nancy Pelosi’s recent behavior. Those making excuses for her tearing up the President’s speech say it was because her handshake was rejected. It’s true he didn’t, but he didn’t shake the hand of VP Mike Pence and Pence didn’t tear up his copy.

This state of animus didn’t begin with handshakes. Traditionally at the SOTU, the Speaker of the House says, “Members of the Congress, I have the high privilege and distinct honor of presenting to you the President of the United States.” Speaker Pelosi broke tradition and said, “Members of Congress, the President of the United States.” Clearly meant to be an affront to Trump but it resonated with all watching.

Later during Trump’s recognition of invited guests, Pelosi’s attitude was one of boredom as she possibly practiced ripping the pages. One could only imagine the nuclear fallout by the media if Barrack Obama had been so disrespected.

For those who need to defend Pelosi’s churlish antics, it’s necessary to recall that with Pelosi’s blessing, the House of Representatives had just impeached Trump to remove him from office and undo a presidential election without ever charging him with a crime. Pelosi’s pals have since lined up on TV to continue to blast Trump’s incivility while defending Nancy. What none of them said was on Jan. 6, 2019, as reported by ABC News, Nancy Pelosi said, “I don’t want to see him (Trump) impeached, I want to see him in prison.” She said she wanted the President of the United States in prison. That’s not idle chatter easily overlooked while accusing your opponent of incivility.

A year later she gleefully signed the articles of impeachment handing out souvenir pens, bearing her name, to her fellow collaborators. She’s declared repeatedly that Trump is impeached forever. Yet no crime was ever alleged. Pelosi acts as if she had the power to stain him throughout eternity. She’s called it “the power of the gavel.” And yet Trump was charged with abuse of power?

Given that history, it explains her anger seeing Trump in front of her-a man acquitted forever. All she affected was to raise his poll numbers. Make no mistake, she knew that. And she was painfully aware of the Iowa debacle with the potential for charges of obstruction to the Bernie Sanders campaign. After the pitiful showing by Biden, Pelosi had to wonder how much the Ukraine revelations contributed to sinking Joe’s canoe. After all he had two weeks to wander around the state with little competition.

Nancy Pelosi is likely on her way out, if not Congress, as speaker. The Bolshevik wing of her party wants her out and it appears they are gaining control. And that portends a win for Republicans in 2020 perhaps with added assistance from Nancy’s little tantrum.

Ralph Miller

* * * 

Nancy displayed that she isn't any lady. Roy hit the nail on the head when describing ladylike behavior. 

I support having manners no matter what the situation is. That's also known as self discipline.

Gentlemen know how to treat ladies and ladies know how to react to gentleman. It's a lot easier to accept the graciousness of a gentleman.

I hope all gentlemen continue to do what is so perfectly right. 

Mark Reagan 

* * * 

Roy - your recent article on examples of ladies is interesting to say the least. You cite sayings and anecdotes of women acting as “ladies”. 

Just before the State of the Union annual speech, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi extended her hand to President of the United States, Donald Trump. This was a sign of respect for the Office of the Presidency being extended by Speaker Pelosi to President Trump. Yes? Donald Trump, a terribly flawed person, ignored this simple act of respect. Speaker Pelosi, despite her political differences with President Trump, at that moment was the better person. True?

Now, I would argue that Speaker Pelosi, tearing up the State of the Union Speech, at the conclusion of President Trump’s address, was disrespectful of the Office of the Presidency. But no more than that simple act of disrespect. She is still a lady. 

Edward Mahn

* * * 

Before Roy left to have his surgery I wished him well and hoped he would use the time off to break some more Budweiser bottles to use to rip out some more hearts as I so enjoy it when he does.  (A Lewis Grizzard nod to Jimmy Breslin).

None of his victims have deserved to be skewered more than that nasty woman and national embarrassment who disgraced herself on national TV and will forever be remembered for it.

Every morning I wake up grateful that Trump is my president for the next five years.  I also wake up knowing that the Trump Derangement Syndrome liberal sob sisters will wake up knowing this, also, and can only scream at the sky as Trump leads this country back from the disaster of the last administration.

It's a glorious thing.

Dennis Wooden

* * * 

Mr. Miller,

What is distressing to me is Republicans in Washington and around this country letting this President get away with everything.  Ever since he came down that escalator almost five years ago, he has done nothing but bully fellow Americans and our country’s allies on Twitter, tweeting mostly lies and conspiracy theories, and out of the three years he has been in office spent almost a year of that time at his properties playing golf.

The reason Nancy Pelosi torn up his speech is because it was full of lies, not because he didn’t shake her hand. You say we defend Nancy Pelosi, but you and people like you defend his lies and vile actions all the time. You say she was disrespectful and what would have happened if it had been President Obama.  If I remember correctly, a Republican yelled out “You lie.” when he was giving a State of the Union speech. Was that respectful?

Donald Trump impeached himself with his own actions.  He held back financial aid from an ally, who is at war with an enemy of the United States, trying to bribe them to announce an investigation on a political rival and fellow American.  People are dying, and he was holding money that they needed.

Donald Trump believes he should be able to do anything he wants to, lawful or not, and no one should question him. He has said so many times and the Republican party is letting him.  He is a danger to our country, national security, and our democracy.

Rebecca Gentry

* * * 

I am an older conservative woman and agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Exum. Nancy Pelosi acted like a petulant child and not like a grown woman or a lady for that matter. 

I was around during all the bra burning women's lib movement of the 1970's and never felt compelled to join them. Why? Because my mother was a living example of a liberated woman.  She did not need to roar or shout down men or burn her bra.  My mother life was a testament to strong women who still retained their ladylike manners and be liberated.  She went back to school to become a nurse while running a household with three small children. Of course a lot of credit goes to my father who supported her and became cook, maid, and nanny during the time she was in school and beyond. 

I guess what I am trying to say is we women are strong enough to be both lady and liberated. We just have to remind ourselves that men are not the enemy, but it is those that create the division between us. I would like to say for the record, that President Trump's actions or words are not an excuse for anyone else to be cruel or unladylike. We should take responsibility for our own actions.

Connie Chadwick
East Ridge

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