Granny's Library And The Banned Dr. Seuss Myth - And Response

Sunday, March 7, 2021

First I want to correct the dangerous myth that President Joe Biden, the cancel culture and 'leftist' are at it again. Now targeting Dr. Seuss. None which is true. The real truth is so simple. The company that handles Dr. Seuss estate, Dr. Seuss Enterprise, decided to discontinue printing six books originally in print over 50 years ago. None of those six Dr. Seuss books were banned. Neither President Biden nor the 'cancel culture' (whatever that is) or those 'horrible-lefties' had anything to do with that decision. 

Now, back to 'granny's library'. 

My granddaughter, like her dad, uncle and auntie, began reading as young as the age of two. Their favorite books, first books, were Dr. Seuss. There's something about the rhyming and the rhythm of the words that seems to ignite something in the brains of young children, and they easily catch on and began recognizing and reading the words on their own, sometimes within hours or only a few days. 

When my granddaughter was in grade school, same as her uncle when he was in grade school, she was scolded and given a tough book report assignment when during a discussion about the importance of reading she excitedly raised her hand a shouted "Miss___ My Granny Has A Library In Her House!"  If you ever saw my granddaughter getting excited at that age, it would make you laugh with tears rolling down your face and the sheer energy from her excitement could light up a totally darken room. But that day, it was like "yer right! Black folks don't read. So prove it!" 

Her uncle was shamed before much of the entire elementary school he attended when there was a reading contest for students. The student who read the most books would receive the prize. My son, her uncle, read the most books. Many came from our home library, later 'granny's library'. During the ceremony to accept the prize for reading the most books, my son was called to the front of the school library only to be shamed before the students, teachers and many staff. He was in third grade at the time. He never entered another school contest after that. Not even in high school. 

Now 'granny's library' isn't in any specific order. In fact, it's very disorganized to this day. However, my granddaughter was able to go right to the book she'd need for her report and eagerly get started on the assignment. She also had to bring the book to school as proof of 'granny's library at home.'  The book was an old well worn library book from when her dad, uncle and auntie were in grade school, purchased at one of those library book sales. 

Most every weekend my children would get excited about going to flea markets, or when libraries had their annual or bi-annual book sales. They saved their allowance pay for the used books themselves. They graduated from Dr. Seuss to Goose Bumps.  Authors like Walter Mosley, Stephen King, Black Voices by Abraham Chapman (book of quotes by famous well known black authors and poets such as Langston Hughes, Booker T. Washington, Frederick Douglas, W. E. B. DuBois).  Authors Toni Morrison, A Mercy. Song Of Solomon, Paradise. Dunbar, Bebe More Campbell. Books by other authors, some white some other, Jeannine Cummins-Lost Boy, "The Trial Of Patrolman Thomas Shea" by Thomas Hauser. 

There's John Grisham, Sycamore Row and The Innocent Man. Pat Conway, now deceased, Prince of Tides. Far too many books and authors to name here. Some books had historical significance. With languages in them of the time and period they were either printed in or referring to. I still have most of the, several children, tween and teen books, such as the Hardy Boy, Nancy Drew mystery series. Some really favorites such as Remembering Slavery. Mainly because it came with two tapes with the voices of actual slaves recorded during the Works Project by Congress and then president to record the voices and experiences of some of the last living slaves. So many books, authors of various races. Some authors no longer alive. Many of their books might be controversial today. However, they were written in a time or about a time that reflected the mood and language of the people and places being written about. 

All in all, their love for reading began with Dr. Seuss at a very young age. Again, there's been absolutely no banning of Dr. Seuss books. These dangerous and false lies aren't just hurting their targets. They're hurting the people who buy into them. In a hideous and morbid way, we're all victims and are being permanently harmed by them. The damage is lasting. 

The devil must be having a field day with a big belly laugh at us all. The striking thing about the Tulsa Riot of the 1920s is that people who couldn't live together in harmony, or at least respect of one another, ended up being buried together in mass graves. Forever entombed together. Don't allow the powers to play you for fools. 

Brenda Washington 


This is a "Tizzle-Topped-Tufted-Mazurka from the African island of Yurka." 

I honestly don't think America is falling to the commies if we, of our own volition, quit printing stuff like this. Good Lordy!  

Savage Glascock, Sr.

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