Walden Neighbors Help Launch Alderman Campaign For Thomas Gallant

  • Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Locals may have noticed that boots are already on the ground throughout Walden to spread the word about Thomas Gallant’s candidacy for the soon-to-be-open alderman position. Sarah McKenzie, who has been serving in this role, is not seeking reelection this fall. Thomas has no political agenda or ulterior motive for running—he has, however, become a concerned Walden resident who hopes to bring transparency and citizen-oriented viewpoints to the Board of Alderman.

Thomas believes that “life is a continuum of change, particularly for our growing and aging Mountain community” and says that if he “can positively effect that inevitable change for the better, with the residents' input and wishes, I believe I will have helped.” He has invested in learning more about the current issues facing the town of Walden—talking with citizens and attending many town, committee, and informational meetings—asking both challenging and clarifying questions to better understand how Board decisions may actually affect residents in the near- and long-terms.

Ultimately, Thomas says he “wants to be able to contribute to the will of our community,” where his family has resided for 20 years. “It is my intention to listen to the residents of Walden and work to wisely implement the best plan for now, and for the future.”

Thomas is a Chattanooga-area native and a long-time resident on Signal Mountain—living in Old Towne for 13 years and now in the town of Walden since 2015. He and his wife, Leah, have four children—the youngest in his last year at Thrasher Elementary School, with their oldest pursuing higher education and successful careers.

Thomas is an owner of and general counsel for Chattanooga-based Marion Environmental Incorporated, an industrial service company specializing in environmental restoration, remediation, and redevelopment across the United States. A graduate of City High School, University of Georgia (BA Political Science), and the University of Tennessee Knoxville (JD Law), Thomas was employed as associate and later as general counsel for five companies before founding MEI.

The Geils, mountain residents and long-time friends of the Gallants, “know that Thomas is a man of exceptional character, living a life of service to others, and carrying himself with great integrity. We’ve witnessed how he prioritizes family, employees, and community. Walden will be very well served by Thomas as alderman.”

Thomas serves on the Board of Directors for Builtwell Bank in Chattanooga (formerly First Volunteer Bank). The Gallants are affiliated with many organizations—like the Mountain Education Foundation, the Tunnel to Towers Foundation, and the Chattanooga Boys and Girls Club. Thomas supports Leah as a long-standing member of The Signal Mountain Community Guild & Newcomers.

Walden Neighbors for Gallant ask that you please consider a vote for Thomas either during the early election period, Oct. 19 through Nov. 3, or on Election Day, Nov. 8. 

Kirby Johnson 

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