Are Things Really Better? - And Response (2)

  • Friday, October 7, 2022

News host Jessie Waters recently said, “We’re in a recession and the border is wide open, we have a crime wave, we’ve lost money in the stock market, wages are down, mortgage rates are soaring and we’re talking about a nuclear war with Russia and the Democrats’ message is, vote for us because the other guys will make it worse.”

We are in a recession (CNN, Allison Morrow, 10/2/22).

An NPR poll found a majority of Americans see an invasion at the southern border (Joel Rose, 8/12/22). We have a crime wave (Time, Josiah Bates, 7/29/22). Losses have wiped out $9 trillion from Americans’ wealth (CNBC, 9/27/22). Hourly wage rate growth is down (CNN, P R LaMonica, 10/2/22). Mortgage rates continue to rise (US News Money, E Giovanetti, 10/3/22). The U.S. and allies are grappling with the question, will Moscow go nuclear?(AXIOS, Dave Lawler, 10/1/22). 

Biden’s press secretary readily admitted Joe “took some historic steps” releasing millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Reserves to bring down costs at the pump (YAHOO, 10/4/22). Now with OPEC’s production cut and reserves the lowest since 1984, old Joe’s tapping the reserves again (Forbes, R Rapier, 9/7/22). That’s a foolish and risky gamble with our strategic oil supply for one party’s political gain.

Compare your 401-k to two years ago and ask how Democrats can say with a straight face we can have a bright future ahead with them in charge. Can Democrats honestly say then that America is more prosperous, safer and better since Joe Biden stumbled into the White House?

Ralph Miller

* * *

There's no doubt that gas prices increased, triggering increases in nearly all products and commodities.  And most Republicans likely think this is the sole doing of President Biden and the Democrats, which it isn't.  Much of the inflation can be attributed directly to Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell's failure to increase interest rates a year ago.  He admits as such; and he "thought" inflation was "transitory", but also blames inflation on the failure of the supply chain (WA. Post, 5/12/2022).

So why aren't those same Republicans grateful for high inflation?  

They want President Biden turned out of office, so they should recognize that in order for that to happen, they must all gladly pay the price, since many voters vote their pocketbooks.  Shouldn't they be cheering, and wanting even higher inflation so Biden will be even more likely turned out of office? Just a cost for Republican success, that's all.  Stop complaining; and be grateful.  

Bit of a paradox isn't it, just to get Republican candidates elected.

Joe Warren

Ringgold, GA

* * *

OPEC just agreed to slash production by two million barrels per day and Mr. Warren claims it's Republicans hoping to win an election.  Straight from the DNC talking points.  Rep. Tom Malinowski (D-NJ), "I hope that Republicans will join me in supporting economic retaliation rather than wishing high gas prices on the American people so they win an election."

That right there is just about the finest example of liberal logic I have ever read.  Good grief.

I hope it's hurting your wallet.  You voted for it.  You own it.

Dennis Wooden

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