Pair Nabbed For Stealing Cell Phones From Walmart - And Other Collegedale Arrests

  • Monday, November 28, 2022

Two individuals were arrested in the Walmart parking lot after being witnessed stealing two cell phones from the store. They were also found to be in possession of a felony amount of methamphetamines and drug paraphernalia and were charged.

A Kentucky sex offender reported that they had just moved into an East District home. The individual was unable to register with the sheriff’s office, as required, due to the holiday and wanted a report to document that information.

A minor crash report was filed in the parking lot of the Springhill Suites.

While conducting routine business checks, night shift officers made contact with a vehicle parked in the otherwise empty Cracker Barrel parking lot. The driver advised that they were traveling and had stopped to get some sleep. There were no signs of impairment.

A traffic stop in the 9000 block of Lee Highway led to the driver being charged with driving on a suspended license.

While conducting routine neighborhood checks an officer made contact with two individuals outside the front gate of the Village at Apison Pike apartment complex. The individuals were identified as residents who had just returned from an out of state trip.

Officers made contact with a homeless individual who had been sleeping on private property in the 5900 block of Reagan Lane. The individual was advised that they were trespassing and checked for warrants before they left the area.

Collegedale police assisted the sheriff’s office after they were dispatched to a domestic assault in the 5600 block of Hickory Street. The suspect had fled the scene. Collegedale officers located the individual and detained them until deputies arrived on scene.

A Grindstone Estates resident called in to report a domestic assault. A sheriff’s deputy was dispatched to take the report after the incident was found to have occurred outside the city limits of Collegedale.

Officers responded to a suspicious vehicle parked on vacant private property in the 9900 block of Lee Highway and made contact with individuals who appeared to be hiking. The individuals were advised that the area was private property and allowed to leave.

Police assisted an individual having a mental health crisis on the campus of Southern Adventist University. The individual was transported to a local treatment facility by a university representative.

Walmart reported a theft with an identified suspect. Charges are pending.

An employee of Wired Coffee reported that they had received a phone call from an individual identifying themself as a police officer and stating that the bank would no longer accept the coffee shop’s money due to them having counterfeit money in their account. The caller advised the employee to take $500 to the Walgreen’s located at Lee Highway and Ooltewah-Georgetown Road and to scan a bar code to send the money to a new account. The employee realized that it was a scam and contacted the owner. No money was lost.

A traffic stop in the 9200 block of Lee Highway resulted in the driver being charged with putting a license plate from another vehicle on their car. A passenger was also charged with being in possession of illegal narcotics.

What originally came out as a burglary in progress in the Wellesley neighborhood ended up being just a neighbor coming over to the homeowner’s residence to see if they could borrow a tent. The homeowner advised that they were at church during the time and could not see who it was on the camera due to the rain. The homeowner advised that they knew the neighbor and that all was okay.

Officers responded to a domestic disorder in the Grindstone Estates neighborhood. The disorder was found to have been verbal only with no crime committed.

An individual being issued a handicap parking violation in the Walmart parking lot was also found to have been driving while their license had been revoked for DUI. They were charged with that violation as well.

Police were dispatched to a residence in the South District’s Fox Trails neighborhood for a missing ten year old child. The child was located inside the residence prior to the officer’s arrival. Everything checked out ok.

Night shift officers made contact with two individuals loading a vehicle onto a trailer at a closed business in the 10600 block of Lee Highway. The individuals provided paperwork for the vehicle and advised that it had broke down earlier in the day and that they had left it to get a trailer to haul it away. Everything checked out ok.

A traffic stop in the 10600 block of Lee Highway led to the arrest of one of the passengers for multiple Hamilton County warrants. After being taken into custody the county fugitive was transported to the Hamilton County Jail.

Officers responded to a verbal disorder in the Walmart parking lot involving a road rage incident. Both drivers were calmed down and allowed to go their separate ways.

Officers kept the peace while an individual gathered some personal items from their former home in the Grindstone Estates neighborhood.

A two-car crash was reported in the intersection of Lee Highway and Edgmon Road. No injuries were reported.

An East District resident reported that they believed they were getting harassed via social media.

A traffic stop in the 10000 block of Apison Pike led to the driver’s arrest for possession of methamphetamines after a positive alert on the vehicle by K9 Krino.

Walmart reported a theft involving a known suspect from earlier in the week. The same suspect was witnessed later in the shift shoplifting from the store again. The individual was located and arrested for the offenses.

A vehicle in the 8900 block of Apison Pike suffered a blowout in the roadway. Officers assisted with changing the tire.

Police were requested to check the well being of a resident in the 5500 block of Ray Lane in the city’s East District. No one was home.

An officer got out with a vehicle that appeared to be broken down on the shoulder of the 5000 block of University Drive. The vehicle was found to be okay. The occupants were taking pictures of the Southern Adventist University sign.

A traffic stop in the 10000 block of Lee Highway led to the driver being charged with being in possession of illegal narcotics after a positive alert on the vehicle by K9 Krino.

Officers assisted a broken down vehicle in the 9000 block of Old Lee Highway and were able to remove the vehicle from the roadway.

A traffic stop in the 4700 block of Ooltewah-Ringgold Road turned into a welfare check when the driver was found to be having an emotional reaction to issues at home. The driver was able to call a family member to assist with getting them and their vehicle to a safe location.

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