Bill Lee's New Tax On Tennesseans

  • Saturday, December 3, 2022

It was my understanding that Tennesseans pay for their roads primarily from fuel tax. And if you wish to drive in less congestion, add a passenger and take the HOV lanes. But obviously, Bill Lee doesn’t think I pay enough taxes. I think I do. In fact, I think Bill Lee’s Gas Tax is excessive. With this in mind, if Bill’s “Choice” highway system is enacted, I will protest this by purchasing all my fuel in Georgia. For my car, lawn mower and weed eater.

Georgia fuel is already less expensive. I’ll have to drive a couple extra miles but that’s no deterrent. I may be in an extreme minority with others thinking Bill Lee’s new “Pay To Drive” tax isn’t so bad. But if I’m not and others avoid replenishing Bill’s coffers by giving our tax dollars to another state, well, that’s just too bad, Bill. You should have polled your constituents before floating this air biscuit.

It stinks, Bill. And the stench is rubbing off on you.

Dave Fihn

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