What's The Good News? - And Response

Sunday, May 22, 2022

Gasoline is over $4.50 a gallon as inflation surges nationwide. Baby formula shortages are real with parents searching for food. The Washington Post warns of 100 million infections from a new sub-variant this fall. Illegals, unmasked and unvaccinated are pouring in. A Roe announcement may be on Monday.

Abroad, Putin threatens nukes as his Ukraine adventure crumbled. The South China Morning Post reports Communist China is testing ways to restrict help for Taiwan in the event they invade that island nation.

With poll numbers plunging, Joe Biden, that great statesman, skips out, leaving his flunkies to blame big business, Putin and Trump. Democrats in Congress spun tales of flying saucers to dazzle the millennials. Down the hall, the Jan. 6 Tribunal struggled to find anything they might use to derail Trump in 2024.

What’s the good news? We will be told Trump is colluding with UFOs and there is a vaccine against Biden’s monkey business. It’s call voting against the progressives in November.

Ralph Miller

* * *

I'm sorry to have to say something once again about Mr. Miller's opinion piece but I know he is a very intelligent man, but he is also a doomsday prophet. It's always about politics and how horrible it is to be from a different party than he is and how the world is doomed. The facts that he presents in this article are ridiculous. So, I am going to base my opinions on the following facts he presented.

Number 1: Gas is at $4.50 cents a gallon and inflation are soaring. So that's Bidens fault. The law of supply and demand always affects prices, but a president has very little to do with it, other countries where Biden is not president or premiere the prices for fuel are even higher. Inflation comes when a country is shut down financially due to disease pandemics or war and not much money is spent, but when things get better there is a massive amount of spending and borrowing.
Number 2: Washington Post predicts 100 million new infections this fall, once again that's Biden's fault, according to Mr. Miller. Somebody tell the bacteria that cause these infections that.
Number 3: Putin threatens with nuclear bombs, I can't believe that's Biden's fault, but he makes it appear to be so and Biden is probably the reason that thousands of innocent men women and children have died in Ukraine.
Number 4: China is trying to find ways to find ways to restrict help for Taiwan in case they invade. So how do you negotiate with a communist country? Biden has said he would send troops to protect Taiwan.
Number 5: Big business Putin and Trump. Yes, lots of problems have to do with big business and their unbelievable profits, their executives make unbelievable salaries while the workers just get by. And Vladmir Putin in his horrible physical and mental state did decide to destroy a country and its people lives and structures are lost just so he can claim a destroyed piece of property as his own for his ego. And Donald Trump said that Putin was a genius for doing this.
Number 6: Democrats in Congress spun tales of UFO's and that is completely wrong, Marco Rubio, republican senator from Florida, was the one who demanded that the government tell us what they knew about UFO'S.
Number 7: The January 6th committee struggles to find out how Donald Trump seeks to derail Trump from the 2024 election. Of course, they do, that's their job. A violent mob tried to destroy our U.S. Constitution by trying to destroy the Capitol building and lives were lost on both sides by the instigators and the protectors by being cheered on by the biggest liar on earth. And Mike Pence had gallows awaiting him had the protesters found him, just because he disagreed with Trump.
Now my final statement, I do not believe Joe Biden is a good president, and it has nothing to do with his political affiliation and Donald Trump by no means was any better. My point of view is to promote and elect smart and dedicated younger men and women regardless of political
 party to run for president of this great United States. Not people who are beyond retirement age to deal with the hardest and most time-consuming job in the world. So, forget about political obligations and vote for the best and brightest people to make America great again.

Clifton Duggan
Dayton, Tn.

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