All Is Not Right In Mayberry

  • Saturday, June 25, 2022

Drive by 912 Glamis Circle on Signal Mountain and see the house that looks like a bomb went off. Note the fire hydrant in the front yard, and know that the fire department was there almost immediately. How safe is your house from a fire? What can be done about the water pressure situation and other pressing matters?

Running a town in the 21st century is more complicated than when I coordinated Recycle Signal in the late 80s, early 90s. While I certainly appreciate those willing to serve, we desperately need elected officials who actually have the time to learn about city government, proper procedures, supporting staff, and are able to get citizens engaged in positive ways.

The immediate need is to have meetings live-streamed, recorded, and easily accessible to citizens. They used to be live-streamed.

I encourage neighborhoods to organize so that someone is in attendance at each of the council meetings. That might mean taking a turn once a quarter. Rotating attendance would mean we’d all get educated about how our community works. Civic engagement is the rent we pay for living in a gorgeous place.

Louise Mann

Signal Mountain

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