Wake Up, America - And Response (3)

Monday, June 27, 2022

I grew up in the ‘60’s and started a family in the early ‘70’s. I was a Democrat back then because I was raised by a Democrat father who told me we would have to live in a tent and only have beans to eat if Republicans were elected. That was in the mid ‘50’s and I was six years old.

In 1968 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was murdered and some of my Democrat friends cheered. I thought then that it was because Lyndon Baines Johnson didn’t like black-skinned people so he devised plans to take the manhood away from the family and destroy the race. Planned Parenthood was right there in his corner and by 1973 they opened their first center. Since then, more than 63,000,000 babies in America have been denied their Constitutional rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

That’s when I changed parties. Today I see elected Democrat leaders call one of the three branches of government illegitimate. This kind of nonsense started when Barack Hussein Obama disrespected our Supreme Court (Judicial Branch) in a State of the Union message in front of America. Then Nancy Patricia Pelosi disrespected the office of the President (Executive Branch) by ripping up her copy of President Trump’s State of the Union address.

Roe vs. Wade was never a Constitutional issue, regardless of how hard the Democrats have worked to make it so. NewsBreak reported this weekend that the Southern Christian Coalition if outraged because women’s lives are now at risk. It has happened because we have allowed it to happen. We have allowed the woke to come up with, or twist, words to mean what they want them to mean. For instance, abortion, the act of killing the baby before birth, is now women’s health reproductive rights. Giving a prepubescent boy a chemical castration because he may want to see what it’s like to wear a dress, is now okay. There are many more examples.

The great American Earl Pitts would sign off his radio broadcast with “Wake up America”. Never has it been so important to wake up, before you are declared dead and buried. After all, the Democrat leadership has proven that it is what they want.

J. Pat Williams

* * *

So, J. Pat admits yesterday's radical extremist Democrats have become today's radical extremist Republicans, who carried out a political party switch? Most of us have already come to that conclusion. Whomever your targeted audiences are, hopefully they're much smarter than you give them credit for. I'm a person of that era too when Dr. King was assassinated. I can remember a lot from that period too. Not all Democrats were against Dr. King nor the issues plaguing America of the time and not all Republicans were for him. 

J. It was only a short while ago, a year give or take, your side was openly and on some forums, even local ones, accusing Dr. King of being a "terrorist" who "divided America."

Brenda Washington
* * *

J. Pat Williams and I are two ol' Brainerd boys from way back.  He's a good man of integrity.  But apparently, we're on opposite sides of abortion and the Roe V Wade issue.  I read Pat's letter to the Chattanoogan and it begs a question I'm having trouble with.  

There’s a lot I don’t understand.  Especially with Tennessee's abortion "trigger laws" soon to go into effect.  

I can see where abortion isn’t considered by many to be a constitutional issue but one thing I can’t understand is if you look at the process for adopting a baby it’s very arduous and it’s very expensive.  It gets even more so if the applicant is a single female who wants to adopt a baby.  You have to be at least 18 years old and you have to prove on many levels how capable you are of being a responsible parent in all ways.  You are highly scrutinized.  Here’s the information provided online for adopting a baby in Tennessee.  This is taken from the internet.  You have to undergo an in-home visit that consists of and considers these things you must provide:

•        Reference letters for adoption
•        Health examinations
•        Verification of marital status
•        Interviews with all members of the family residing in the household

During the adoption home study interviews, you will likely discuss:
•        Your motivation to adopt
•        Your ability to provide for a child
•        Your character, values and ethical standards
•        Your physical and mental health
•        The health and fire safety conditions of your home

You will be asked to provide:
•        Driver’s licenses or identification
•        Birth certificates
•        Marriage licenses
•        Proof of insurance
•        Tax returns and recent paystubs
•        Physician statements
•        Adoption reference letters
•        Previous adoption decrees (if applicable)
•        Criminal background checks
•        Child abuse and neglect registry clearances

The state will check and make sure these things are in place:
•        Functioning locks on all doors and windows
•        Working smoke detectors and CO2 detectors
•        Covered outlets
•        Baby gates for stairways
•        Dangerous substances and tools placed out of reach of children
•        Emergency phone numbers and evacuation plans
•        Fire extinguisher
•        First-aid kit
But then, if a woman gets pregnant with a child she doesn’t want all qualifications for parenting that child are foregone and she’s forced to have it whatever her age and situation.  Under Tennessee law she could be prosecuted if she sought to abort, or terminate the pregnancy (or if it satiates your visceral impulse “kill the baby”),  because she’s feels she’s unprepared or unqualified to parent a child for whatever reason.

Can someone please explain this insane paradox?  If you want to adopt a baby you have to undergo and satisfy the rigorous requirements above.  If you don’t want or shouldn't have a baby and you’re pregnant all of the above doesn’t matter.  You’re either having that baby and, if you try to abort it, you’re going to jail along with any doctor or person who tried to help you.

So, if I understand this correctly, life is so precious you want to force innocent, helpless babies into the hands of people who don’t want them.  The baby has a right to life, regardless of how dismal that life may be, right?  Further, you see nothing wrong with this picture.  Okay, okay.  Just one question and I truly don’t mean to antagonize you. It’s an honest question:  Are all of you crazy?  

If you’re answer to that question is no, please explain and reconcile this.  I can’t understand it.

David Saluk

* * *

I too am an ol’ Brainerd High grad and know both J. Pat Williams and David Saluk. I know both to be good men and David was correct in stating that J. Pat is a man of integrity. He was even so even back in his days at Brainerd High.

I’ve read J. Pat’s letter several times and I fail to see where he said “yesterday’s radical extremist Democrats have become today’s radical extremist Republicans” or that “all Democrats” were against Dr. King, Jr., as stated by Brenda Washington. I think it’s a big leap because they are not his words, but maybe her thoughts.

 As for David Saluk’s reply, he brought up some really good points about adoption. It is hard to adopt a child and it’s because the state has an obligation to protect the child being adopted. We all read about child trafficking and both restrictions and due diligence are important. Regardless, the difficulty of adopting is not a reason to take the life of the unborn. It’s like throwing the baby out with the bath water, right?  My girls are now 36, and I have met their birth mother.  I have thanked her long before I met her for having the courage to give her girls' life...even when her own life was wrought with so much pain.

I feel qualified to say that as long as adoption and other forms of child caring are available, even the worse choice is better than abortion. I like what J. Pat said about the unborn’s right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” I feel qualified to speak out because my husband and I have adopted two children ourselves. It’s not easy and raising the children is not easy, even the ones I birthed myself. I know that J. Pat’s sister adopted two children. That’s four children who were given a chance at life. That’s compelling to me.
David Saluk, if I haven’t thanked you for the work you have done in keeping our class together, thank you.

J. Pat Williams, the fight to save children is difficult, and I’m sure it wears on you--- but thank you for not giving up and taking the risk of having some go against you for doing so.

Charlotte Riley,
A former Tennessean but always a Volunteer

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