Donate To La Paz - And Response (2)

Monday, August 15, 2022

I'm donating to the La Paz organization, and I hope other like minds will do the same. Given our own at times uncertain journey in a land that still often shuns us, we can't afford to not show empathy for others struggling.  

My dad would often give his very last and he'd explain when asked why, that he had a job. That he'll have a paycheck coming in the following week. While the individual seeking help didn't know when their next meal would be nor when they'd have a place to lay their heads. 

Brenda Washington

* * *

I would like to know more information about La Paz, because I think Brenda Washington’s premise is correct. It is not just up to the government to take care of us, but it is up to the government to protect us.

The Biden administration has totally turned its back on protecting our southern borders. Thus, they are not protecting “we the people”. Brenda Washington speaks justly about fixing half of the problem, and that’s loving our neighbor as ourself. Thank you, Brenda.

I don’t blame the people for wanting to come to a better situation, for their families and themselves. Many of them should be welcomed here. The jobs are here, as well as other attractive assets which make our lives better. However, the border is overwhelmed, and Arizona, New Mexico and Texas cannot be expected to shoulder this burden which has been forced on them. There has to be vetting of those coming into the USA.

The Biden administration obviously has other priorities. Hiring 87,000 IRS agents is more important to them than hiring more border guarders to turn criminals away. Please know I’m not referring to all who cross the border as criminals, rather those who have an agenda of expanding their criminal territory to the USA. Don’t use all 87,000 spots to go to border guards, maybe half and then use the other half to hire SROs and teachers, as well as school security systems to protect and serve our children.

The people being dropped off in Chattanooga need to be served and helped to get on their feet, after they are vetted. We the people, the neighbors, need to step up and help them just as we would want to be helped if we had to flee to another country.

J. Pat Williams

* * *

Mr. Williams, 

You are incorrect about the invaders who are crossing our southern border that they are not criminals.

We as a “sovereign” nation have laws and procedures that each and every one who crosses the southern border outside of those parameters are guilty of a crime.

Furthermore we as the American taxpayers then provide transportation to whatever destination, either by bus or plane, along with a pre-loaded EBT / credit card only for these people to disappear into the shadows.

It is a known fact that a very small minority of the illegals show up for their asylum hearings so there we have strike two.

I know that there are some who excuse, encourage and fund this invasion and I will say that that they are no different than the coyotes who escort people to our country and are just as guilty of human and sex trafficking, extortion, and the drug problem which is coming up from our southern border. Yes the blood and trauma of those lives is on your hands.

On the coyote issue, these are the same people who oppress (with government assistance or neglect) that cause the fear and poverty from which these people flee. It's a good gig, getting paid to cause a problem and getting paid to help people out of that problem.

But then the comeback is we’ll you just don’t have compassion but how much “foreign aid” is sent to these countries that our children and grandchildren will be responsible for?  You see the problem lies in the fact as we send money to these socialist corrupt nations it never seems to make it to those in need with no accountability as long as 10 percent makes it back to the “big guy”.   

I know that there are those who welcome them in out of a false “compassion” but then when you peel it back it’s all about flooding this country with a large group of government dependent slaves who will tow the line and vote Democrat for the rest of their life unless they can break the chains of this servitude.

Another observation is that as Governor Abbott sends a couple of busloads of these “illegals” to DC and New York that those mayors howl like scalded dogs. Yes, we can give money and ignore the problems at the southern border, but then when faced with reality dealing with the problem directly they whine and complain. For those who desire to give money to appease their conscience why don’t you open up your house to an illegal family?

I ask the question, why so much distain and hatred for this country as it is?

I’m sick and tired of people trying to convince me of the “evils” of our country knowing the amount of money given, blood spent to help those in need but then the way I see it the Democrats and progs desire to turn our great nation into a third world country.

Jay Reed

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