What Lessons Are We Teaching Our Students? - And Response

  • Saturday, September 24, 2022

A parent spanks their kid in the year 2022 and gets CPS and the police called on them. 

A cop body slams a child by his dreadlocks and maces him at his school and most people cheer it on as teaching him a lesson by disciplining him. 

What lesson are we teaching our kids?  That violence solves problems?  That talking back to authority figures is a crime?  

The kid never put his hands on anyone so why were hands put on him? 

At the 9:40 mark of the body-cam video the student had calmed down.  There was no reason in my opinion to grab the teenager by the hair and arrest the youth and then mace him. 

The kid was extremely rude, emotional, out of line and that I agree with but that is a time for a leader to use persuasive communication skills and not puff their chest out in a display of alpha male testosterone.  

A detention, suspension or meeting with his parents seems reasonable.  Criminalizing this kid and ruining his life seems excessive and counterproductive.

Andrew McLaren

* * *

What is being taught you ask? I prefer to not even mention the pagan agenda that children are bombarded with today. So I choose to list what’s not being taught (short version).

The Bible (God's Word).  *It is available everywhere. 
God's word is alive and penetrates into one’s soul. 
God's word judges the thoughts and  attitudes of the heart. 
God's word is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training. 
God's word is a lamp to one’s feet. 

Thankfully the educators removed the Bible from their curriculum along with prayer.  Sadly this pertains to our world and not just schools. Things are much better now, right?

Judgement is obviously upon us and it’s going to get much much worse. Gods word (Old Testament) is documented history and tells of many examples of what happens when the people turn from Him. 

Michael Burns

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