Grandparents Are For Making Memories

  • Tuesday, September 27, 2022
  • Linda Moss Mines

Grandparents are the gift that can make a profound difference in a child’s life. Grandchildren are the gifts that bring joy to the second part of grandparents’ lives. The relationship between the generations can significantly enhance both the young and the seniors.

Although there are numerous books, classes and training opportunities for parenting, there are few resources for “grand parenting.” Often, it’s a role that is thrust on us without much notice, preparation or decision making. Instead, it may be an announcement that results in joy, surprise or dismay. In time, we adjust and embrace the role with love and support. The first time we hold that precious
infant, any hesitation is immediately forgotten as we embrace the new member of the family and a whole new relationship opportunity.

Our goal for these precious grandchildren is for them to become successful, stable citizens of good character. The grandparents’ personal goal is probably just to be loved, respected and appreciated.

Of course, we want our wonderful grandchildren to have warm, fond memories of us. We want them to remember what they learned from us and realize the importance of their relationship with us. When they’re age 60, we want them to realize our sacrifices in time and resources. We want them to value what they learned from us and the culture that we taught them to continue.

One of the perplexing aspects of us humans, however, is that we sometimes don’t understand something until we experience it. That’s why we can’t expect our children or grandchildren to truly appreciate us until they are in the role. In the meantime, we focus on building our relationships and enjoying every moment that we have to make happy memories with the special young people in our lives.

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