Trivializing An Horrific Event - And Response (2)

  • Sunday, October 1, 2023

Am I alone in thinking that to call the senseless murder of Mr. Christopher Wright “an isolated incident,” as a release from the CPD did, trivializes what was a horrific event?

While the description may fit within the broad range of crime statistics, Wright’s murder was not “an isolated incident” in the lives of his wife and three young children. They will be living with this tragedy for years to come.

All citizens of Chattanooga need to remember this regrettable reality.

Charles Perry

* * *

Dear Charles Perry,

I understand your sentiment and the depth of emotion behind your words. The loss of Mr. Christopher Wright is indeed a tragedy, and the impact on his family is immeasurable. Labeling such a horrific event as an “isolated incident” may seem to diminish its significance, but it’s important to remember that this term is often used in a statistical context to indicate that such events are not common. The failure in this entire situation is the court system. This person was arrested over sixty times. One of them for shooting through a door of an occupied dwelling. This home had children in it. Thankfully, they were not injured. He should not have been on the streets at all. The courts rather fight the weed smokers and continue to let the violent guys continue deteriorating our community.

However, I agree with you that for Mr. Wright’s family, this is far from an isolated incident. It’s a life-altering event that they will have to grapple with for years to come. Your empathy towards them is commendable and a reminder for all of us that behind every statistic, there’s a human story.

As citizens, it’s crucial to remember this reality and work towards creating a safer community. Your voice is a reminder that every life lost to violence leaves a void that can never be filled.

Christopher L. Cooper

* * *

This event, the senseless murder of Christopher Wright, goes much deeper than the one event. We will never know the true impact of this tragedy to his family, even if we have experienced a similar event. Chris was a family man who had found his purpose in life, that of helping people make good financial decisions. He lived his purpose.

This will go on as long as we have liberal judges in this nation, as well as kids grow up without a father in the home. Reply to this comment however you please, but the proof is there. As long as we pay women to have babies, with no responsibility to the father, with our provisions to the mother, there will be no accountability, and more good people will die at the hands of thugs.

I remember how our great former Sheriff, Jim Hammond, made the statement about sending these thugs to the morgue. He was right, in that the thugs will continue to be thugs until we stop them. If the police are not allowed to, and the courts will just turn them back on the streets, good men are going to be forced to do it to protect our families. Please know this is not a call to arms on my part, nor a suggestion we start now eliminating these threats to society, rather a historical fact of how things have worked in the past.

Come on now you liberal apologists. Have your say. After all, you are part of this problem. Thank goodness we still have a great Sheriff in Austin Garrett, who will operate within the law to bring peace and order.

J. Pat Williams

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