Our Pick-Pocket County Mayor - And Response (2)

  • Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Note to self: when you shake hands with our County Mayor, lead with your left hand, so you can keep your right hand on your billfold.

In a “sleight of hand” for the ages, Westy Wamp robbed the Urban League Of Greater Chattanooga of $450,000 for a photo opportunity on Reggie White Field at The Howard School.

That’s one expensive picture.

This was federal money, earmarked for the Urban League, “repurposed” for new turf at a high school. Instead of going through the normal channels of giving notice and having an adult discussion, this matter was never on the agenda and never discussed by the County Commission. They were complicit. They used to exercise oversight to prevent such sneaky behavior.

Mayor Westy loves to spend our tax dollars, usually on projects that give him a “warm fuzzy” and his picture in the paper. The Mayor said that the Urban League was not spending federal tax dollars quick enough, so he thought he would pitch in and help.

His dream? Change the name of the field from Reggie White Field to the Weston Wamp Swamp, built with fake grass swindled from an organization whose purpose is to serve the “least of these”in our community.

Plastic grass from a plastic politician.

C. Mark Warren

* * *

C. Mark Warren thinks he's cute once again making fun of our strong county mayor who is standing up for minority students and public education and calling out organizations that are not spending dollars wisely. At least C. Mark could have listened to the students talk about how much these investments will mean to them and how little they get if the leaders do nothing and leave this money on the table.

Once again his hatred for the Wamps must cloud any good judgement whatsoever.

Rick Tucker

* * *

When I saw the headline 'Pick Pocket County Mayor', I correctly guessed the author before even looking.  Attacking the Wamps is a one trick pony that has grown tedious and predictable.  Taking cheap shots is easy. 

A more constructive approach would be to take your progressive alternatives on the road and sell them to a majority of Hamilton County voters.  Don't just criticize.  Demonstrate that the voters prefer your ideas. 

I think we all know how that would turn out.     

Kurt J. Faires

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