Jerry Summers: Go Greyhound Via Wildwood

  • Wednesday, December 6, 2023
  • Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers
Jerry Summers

The decisions by the officials of the Gig City to oust the nation’s largest mode of low cost transportation that started operations in 1914 to relocate the only present bus station in Chattanooga at 740 E. 12th Street in the heart of a friendly neighborhood community to Georgia has raised a few questions:

  1. Since Dade County, Georgia never rejoined the Union after the Civil War until 1948 is its citizenry ready to welcome a potential booming population to the Wildwood area?;
  2. Is the Wildwood Bus Station at the back of a gas station consisting of an inside kiosk adequate to accommodate the expected rush to Gig City which is often the final destination for many of the passengers to reach access to the charitable benefits in our town?;
  3. Will Uber and local taxi cab barons show compassion by providing free transportation to the Dynamo of Dixie by waiving their usual fees based on time, distance, location, etc or can a local non-profit pick up the tab for passengers needing to arrive at the proposed Taj Mahal on 12th Street?;
  4. Since bike owners don’t have to pay for license plate registrations at the Hamilton County Courthouse perhaps the franchise holders of said privilege rights might want to donate to either the cab or taxi fares of the disembarking passengers in the Peach State;
  5. Can the civic minded bike builder in my birth borough between Gig City and Red Bank get some additional financial support to produce additional non-Schwinns, Dixie Flyers, or Aventon bikes in order that any unfortunate new arrivals can pedal their way to the new perceived paradise in the Scenic City? And finally,
  6. Will CARTA likewise demonstrate a charitable gesture by contributing a portion of their local excess profits from the fees paid by local residents and/or tourists in the amount of $153,000 not received by the taxpaying community at the top of the Incline?;

Greyhound allegedly operates 1,700 coaches serving 230 stations (not in Choo Choo Town) and 1,700 destinations. Estimated final cost figures from Wildwood to downtown Chattanooga fluctuate from $23 to $26 to $82 depending upon what level style of elegance a passenger wishes to be transported.

(One new benefit that has not yet been factored into the equation is the prospect of a free shower courtesy of the new 501(c)3 non-profit mobile water facility, Shower Up, that allegedly has started servicing our town. Efforts to remove any offensive odors from the Scenic City should be appreciated by all local citizens.)

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